Are you following the Vehicle Maintenance Schedule?

You love your car! Why wouldn’t you? Like most people, you’ve probably spent a lot of time selecting, test driving, and designing special customizations to make sure that it fills your every want and desire! Surely, after all, you’ve invested, you want to make sure that your car lives as long as possible! Therefore, making sure you are following your vehicle maintenance schedule is important!

Here is a checklist of three car maintenance tips and the reasons why they are pivotal to your car’s livelihood:

  1. Oil Changes - The golden rule to change your oil every three thousand miles; may or may not be true. Depending on the type of oil, some cars can go up to 10,000 miles before needing an oil change. Read your manual to know what type of oil your car uses. Also, check your dipstick regularly. Neglecting to change your oil could damage your engine!
  2. Spark Plugs - Spark plugs create the ignition combustion needed to start your car. They give the engine power to start your car and to keep in running. Spark plugs should be changed every 30,000 to 100,000 miles depending on the type used for your vehicle. Similar to oil changes, not replacing spark plugs can affect your engine and cause an immediate breakdown. 
  3. Tires - Keeping your tires in good condition is easy, and bad tires is dangerous. They lead to poor vehicle performance, hydroplaning, blowouts, and poor traction. You should change your tires when there is too much vibration in the vehicle, cracks in the sidewalls, and visible tread wear.

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How Much Do Oil Changes Cost?

Quality Oil Changes save Major Money in Engine Repairs

Car maintenance is not cheap, but it saves a lot of money over the long haul. Regular oil changes are needed to prevent engine damage, which can run up to thousands of dollars. Compared to a $4,000 mechanical bill, the average of $120 a year is peanuts to keep the oil changed and the engine running cleanly and smoothly.

When you lift up the hood of your car, you can see how many parts are all connected to the engine. The moving parts and engine components create friction as your car travels down the street, and without proper lubrication, they will heat up fast. Regular oil changes maintain lubrication under the hood, which allows all the parts to work together smoothly and with a minimum of friction, which means your engine is less likely to overheat.

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A Lost Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is a major part of maintaining the safety of your vehicle. If the car alignment has been lost, you are going to notice a difference in the way your car steers and handles on the road.

You may wonder exactly what will be different? You are going to notice that the steering is pulling to one side or the other. The steering wheel will also be off-center; it will look like it is turned even though you haven't moved the vehicle yet. It is going to be harder to handle. You want the car to go one way and the vehicle wants to go another. You may also notice a shake or vibration in your vehicle.

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Auto Repair Services For Spring – Ask Your Mechanic

Spring is here, and your vehicle may be in need of a helping hand. The hardships of winter are over, and your car may be ready for an oil change, a tune up, or any number of simple things. You shouldn't wait until summer's driving season to look into necessary auto repair services. Having professional auto service in the spring will ensure that your road trips and events in the summer are not mired with problems. Before you go into a garage, call ahead and ask a few questions about their auto service options. This will help you get the right price, the right garage, and more.

Ask About Inspections

The first thing to do when going for auto service is to ask about inspections. Your car may need something minor, or it may have early warning signs that something big is going to break down. Be sure to ask for estimates associated with a full point inspection. That will give you an idea of your auto shop's customer service, pricing, and more.

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Plan Ahead With Expert Car Service!

Summer is just around the corner. And what’s more, gas prices are relatively low. For these reasons and more, a lot of people are going to hit the road this summer.  Many of them will be driving their own car in the process.  Taking a road trip with the family on board means extra precaution needs to be taken.  If there is any kind of car repair needed, it is always better to go ahead and have it done. That means scheduling a vehicle check-up with a car service specialist. Not just any check-up, but one that covers all the essentials for a safe and comfortable journey. The following are some examples.

The engine and transmission are the most important parts of any car so making sure everything is working in top condition is priority number one. This includes checking to see if all the fluids are topped off. While looking at the engine, have them look at the air conditioning also. It’s not only people who need cooling, so does the car. Make sure the radiator and all its accessories are working well. Engine overheating is one of the biggest reasons people end up sitting on the side of the highway to let their car cool down and get help.

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Don’t be afraid to visit your Auto Center!

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, your car takes a beating. The seasons do not care about the things every vehicle must deal with. There is rain and wind, mud, ice and snow just to name a few. There are so many things that can happen to a vehicle during any season. Add in the normal wear and tear of auto parts and once you add it all up, you have a great reason to visit your auto service professionals.

Some vehicle owners don't understand that the mechanics at the auto center are really looking out for your best interests. They want your car runs correctly and free from unexpected break downs. The best way to reduce your chances of a break down is to make sure that your vehicle is well maintained. All you have to do is call your auto center and set up a time for them to go over your vehicle and repair or replace anything that needs to be taken care of.

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Don’t Overlook These 5 Common Car Service Items!

Some owners follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule for car service. Other people follow their own schedule, skipping some services. If you are familiar with automobile systems, this might work well for a while to keep your car running. However, to keep it running at its maximum capability and avoid costly car repair, don't overlook certain car service issues. Your car is a big investment and you want ti to last you for as many miles as possible with safe driving.

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Watch for Signs of a Needed Oil Change!

We all know that regular oil changes are important. It's preached that you should get an oil change roughly every 3,000 miles, depending on the make of your car. Yet some people neglect this and fail to see the benefits of timely oil changes.

Here are just a few reasons why it's important to make sure that your car has regular oil changes:

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Drifting Problems? It’s time for a Wheel Alignment!

The finest vehicles in the world are machines that must be adjusted here and there to ensure proper operation. You may be noticing that your vehicle has started drifting from side-to-side, indicating that the front end may have lost its alignment. The correct wheel alignment prevents the difficult steering you may have grown accustomed to. Prevent the dangerous situations that are created when you have to over-correct while driving down the road due to a needed car alignment service.

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Advice from an Auto Shop to Help Your Vehicle Survive Winter!

The weather outside is frightful. You might hear those words and think of a Christmas melody, but there is some truth behind the old poem. It can be dangerous and frightful to be behind the wheel during the winter months. There is ice on the road and the snow is piling up. Your visibility is compromised. Yet you have to go out because you have to get to work, shop for gifts, pick up the children, and run various other errands. Fortunately, your friends at your preferred auto center can offer a few helpful driving and maintenance tips that will help keep you safe on the road and help your vehicle survive winter.

Take It Easy

You might have what is called a lead foot. If that is the case, now is the time for you to slow down. You might not think it takes an auto shop expert to tell you this obvious principle. But after driving through the summer and autumn months, drivers can develop some habits that do not correspond with the winter months. If you are driving too fast and you hit a patch of ice, you could skid into another lane. Taking it slowly is particularly important at the times of accelerating and stopping. If you slam on the brakes or stomp on the accelerator, you could find yourself in a position of being the cause of an accident.

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