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If you thought the engine was the most critical part of your vehicle, you’d be wrong. The brakes are much more crucial, as they must stop all that power on time. After all, what good is a powerful engine if your vehicle can’t stop properly? You don’t want to risk driving a car with faulty brakes, and you don’t want to put your family in such a car. Driving with defective brakes is a terrible idea, and regular maintenance and repair of brakes are crucial. Otherwise, you’d only be putting yourself and others at constant risk.
At Dependable Car Care, we offer comprehensive Brake System Service in Ventura County, keeping your car in pristine condition. Learn more about the specific types of Brake System Service we offer below.

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ABS brake testing/diagnostic

ABS brake testing/diagnostic

Compared to older vehicles that easily skid if you brake heavily, modern cars use ABS to prevent that and improve your braking. ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System, which releases and reapplies brakes to prevent wheel locking and skidding.
However, even though ABS is such a crucial safety feature, sometimes it malfunctions, and your vehicle will show an ABS light. It’s not something to panic about, though – you can still safely drive if you don’t brake heavily.
At Dependable Car Care, one of the first brake tests we do is ABS brake testing and diagnostic. This test ensures your most critical safety feature is working correctly.

ABS Wheel speed sensor testing

ABS Wheel speed sensor testing

If your vehicle’s ABS light is showing even after you turn the engine on, it’s time to do ABS wheel speed sensor testing, as that’s a sign of a problem with your ABS.
The sensor collects data from each vehicle’s wheels during braking and sends it to the ABS module. That’s how the system knows which feel to release and which wheel to reapply the brakes.
Dependable Car Care does ABS sensor replacements, testing for faulty sensors first, as it can be the simplest and easiest fix, before moving on to other ABS components.

ABS Wheel speed sensor replacement​

ABS Wheel speed sensor replacement

If your ABS wheel speed sensor is faulty, your ABS will behave erratically, and your vehicle might become shaky when braking. You might notice it’s taking longer to stop your car or that traction and stability control is off.
You don’t want to keep testing and risking your life, but if you notice any of these occurrences, it’s time for an ABS wheel speed sensor replacement.
If you suspect you need an ABS wheel speed sensor replacement, our mechanics can do an ABS sensor replacement for you and test the vehicle’s braking before we put you back in such a car.

Cooling system drain and fill


Older vehicles use the older belt type to transfer the engine’s power to other components. These belts are called V-belts and have the same function as serpentine belts.
If you own an older vehicle with a V-belt, or if you’re unsure which one your car uses, mechanics at Dependable Car Care can take a look at it for you, inspect the belt, and replace it if it needs a replacement.
Although serpentine belts are standard now, older V-belts aren’t bad either, and they can handle decent engine power. However, they also break and should be replaced every 60,000 miles or more.

ABS brake module testing/replacement​

ABS brake module testing/replacement

If the sensor works correctly, ABS sensor replacement won’t do anything, and it’s time to move on to other ABS components. We then check for a faulty ABS brake module at Dependable Car Care.
That module is a microprocessor that collects data from your wheels and determines which car wheel to press the brakes on, and if the sensors are fine, this is most likely the culprit of your ABS light showing up.
A problem with the module can also lead to brakes locking up or pedals with higher resistance, so we thoroughly test this module to determine whether it needs a replacement.

Brake system service​

Brake system service

If the service brake system lights come on, it’s time to do a complete brake system service and deal with all aspects of your car’s braking. That includes ABS, parking brake, and all other braking components.
At Dependable Car Care, we offer a complete brake system service for cars with faulty brakes to ensure the safety of the drivers. Of course, you can also check for and replace a single component.
When you take your car to our shop, we’ll perform a complete brake inspection and a thorough brake system service. We’ll check your pads, rotors, and calipers to determine the source of the problem and replace the faulty part quickly and efficiently.

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Disc Brake system ​

Disc brake pads

If you hear braking noises such as squealing or growling when you apply brakes, it might indicate faulty disc brake pads or worn and torn ones. Such brake pads will grind into your disc brake rotors, making an awful noise and damaging your rotors.
Our mechanics at Dependable Car Care can replace your brake pads, and you’ll no longer have to deal with awful braking noises. Moreover, you can be sure your car will brake adequately. They’ll last between 30,000 and 80,000 miles depending on whether you primarily drive in the city or on the highway.

Disc brake rotors

Disc brake rotors

The large circular metal discs behind your wheels are called disc brake rotors. They work together with brake pads and calipers to stop your car.
When you press on the brake, your calipers push your brake pads against the rotors, creating friction to stop the car, which also causes massive amounts of heat. You might have seen fiery red brakes on vehicles when braking heavily.
Such friction can cause incredible wear and tear, and the mechanics at Dependable Car Care can inspect your braking components in detail, replace faulty parts, and improve your car’s braking performance.

Disc brake calipers​

Disc brake calipers

If you peeked behind your car’s wheels, you probably saw large metal circle parts, which are your brake rotors, with a minor thing attached to it on one side. These little things are your brake calipers. Whenever you step on the brake pedal, the brake master cylinder is activated, sending brake fluid to your calipers and pressing disc pads against the disc rotors to create friction that stops the car.
At Dependable Car Care, mechanics thoroughly test your calipers to see if they work correctly. Otherwise, your car might create weird noises, or your brakes might malfunction. That’s why you should deal with a car brake replacement on time.

Disc brake caliper replacement

Disc brake caliper replacement

If your brake calipers are faulty, we offer quick replacements. Your calipers will get adequate brake fluid to activate your car’s pads and rotors and stop your vehicle efficiently.
These elements create massive friction and endure incredibly high temperatures to stop your car, so their wear is significant. And, as the average driver presses the brakes over 200 times a day, taking proper care of your brakes is essential, as no amount of cooling and heat dissipation can make them last. Our expert mechanics can efficiently replace disc brake calipers and other braking components.

Brake system service​

Disc brake service

We offer car brake replacements or disc brake services if your brake components don’t need replacing. That includes removing the braking components, cleaning them, and lubing them once every 30,000 miles, for example.
Keeping your brakes healthy is vital, as they can get dirty and occasionally need to be checked for wear and tear.
Moreover, even if your outer pad looks great, the inner brake pad might be worn out, and our mechanics can check that in detail.

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Brake booster

Brake booster

Car brake replacements should be more frequent since they’re incredibly complex with many parts. At Dependable Car Care, mechanics can inspect each piece in detail, determine the source of the issue, fix the problem, and do a car brake change if needed.
One such part people need more knowledge about is the brake booster. Essentially, it’s a device between your brake pedal and the master cylinder, which increases the force you apply. A brake booster is part of a power-assisted braking system, so you don’t need to press the brakes hard to stop quickly.

Brake master cylinder

Brake master cylinder

An essential part of all modern power-assisted braking systems is the brake master cylinder. This device recognizes the force you apply on the pedal and sends the fluid to the calipers to stop the car.
It’s called the heart of the braking system, and it converts the mechanical force from the pedal, which is increased by a brake booster, into hydraulic pressure that travels through a brake hose to the calipers.
Our mechanics can help fix your master cylinder issues, replace it entirely so your brake pedals don’t feel too stiff, or do a car brake change for you.

Brake hose

Brake hose

The brake hose is where brake fluid flows from the master cylinder to the disc brake calipers. Your calipers aren’t getting enough brake fluid if it’s not functioning correctly. Therefore, they won’t stop your car properly as the fluid pushes disc brake pads against disc brake rotors to create friction and stop your vehicle.
Mechanics at Dependable Car Care can inspect your brake hoses to check whether an adequate amount of brake fluid is flowing to each wheel. When you take your car to our shop for inspection, we’ll determine whether the brake hose needs a replacement.

Drum brake service

Drum brake service

Drum brakes work by using a circular drum and brake shoes to stop your car. They can also provide a better braking force than disc brakes of the same size.
Moreover, they’re cheaper to make and often last longer than disc brakes. That’s why they’re widely used on all vehicle types and require less force to activate the pedal.
However, drum brakes can also malfunction as they generate much more heat because of a closed-in shape. Our mechanics can inspect your drum brakes in detail, determine the size of the remaining material, and do a car brake change or drum brake service for you.

Drum brake shoes​

Drum brake shoes

It’s the most common thing that needs to be done during a drum brake service. You should inspect your drum brakes once every 10,000 miles, and they’ll probably need replacing once every 30,000 miles.
Each time you press the brake pedal, brake shoes inside the brake drums get forced outward and push against the brake drum. It causes friction, slows your car, and causes wear and tear.
The mechanics at Dependable Car Care can take apart your drum brake system, inspect it, and replace drum shoes if they’re too thin.

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Drum brake hardware

Drum brake hardware

This term includes the backing plate, brake shoes, brake drum, wheel cylinder, etc. The mechanics at Dependable Car Care can efficiently inspect each of these elements to determine whether they need replacing.
As these elements experience massive stress when you brake, regularly replacing them is essential to keeping your car braking properly. They’ll indicate wear and tear by making a noise, so if you hear anything weird when braking, get the car to our shop for inspection and a fix.
If you don’t replace brake hardware, you risk your brakes failing and getting into an accident.

Parking Break

Parking brake

A parking brake can is used for more than keeping your car in place when parking – it can save your life in an emergency if your foot brake malfunctions. That’s why you need to keep it in tip-top shape.
Of course, its primary use is to restrict your car from moving when you park. It’s often vital if you live on a steep hill or need to park on an uneven surface.
If you’re having problems with your car’s parking brake not hooking up properly, get the car to the Dependable Car Care shop, and we’ll quickly determine and fix your problem.

Parking brake cable​

Parking brake cable

One of the critical components of a parking brake is the cable. Whether you have a manual handbrake, a button, or a parking brake pedal, these systems all use a parking brake cable to connect your hand or foot to the car’s braking system.
If you have a faulty parking brake cable, it won’t engage your parking brake, or it might keep disengaging when you pull it.
When you feel like your car isn’t holding in place after you pull the parking brake, you can take your vehicle to Dependable Car Care’s garage, as we offer parking brake cable services, including repair and replacement.

Parking brake pedal

Parking brake pedal

Instead of a manual lever near your car’s shifter that you pull, some vehicles have a parking brake pedal. That’s a fourth pedal to the left of your gas, brake, and clutch pedals.
No matter the system in your car, whether it’s a pedal or a lever, these elements need as much care as the primary brake system in the vehicle. If you’re having issues with your parking brake pedal, get the car to us, and our expert mechanics will locate and fix the problem for you quickly and efficiently.

Electronic parking brake​

Electronic parking brake

Some cars have manual levers, some have a parking brake pedal, and some newer models use an EPB, which is short for an electronic parking brake. Essentially, it’s a button near your shifter, and when you’re ready to park, you press the brake pedal and engage the switch by pulling it upwards.
However, as all electronic parts can fail, often even more so than mechanical ones, taking care of your EPB is crucial.
We offer electronic parking brake services, testing, and replacement, so if you notice any problems with your EPB, get the car to our Dependable Car Care shop.

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Electronic parking brake testing

Electronic parking brake testing

The expert mechanics at Dependable Car Care can test your electronic parking brake (EPB) quickly and efficiently. That’s often done by engaging the electronic parking brake while the shifter is in drive mode. You then remove your foot from the brake pedal to see if the car rolls forward, which it shouldn’t with a properly working EPB.
It’s not something you should test yourself, and you can take your car for EPB testing to Dependable Car Care, where the professionals can do it for you.

Electronic parking brake service

You’ll probably see warning lights on the dashboard that your EPB is engaged, even if it’s not physically engaged. That’s the first sign your car might require an electronic parking brake service.
The service will depend on the type of EPB your car has, and it can either be a caliper-integrated system or a cable-pull system.
If your electronic parking brake is faulty and doesn’t pass the test, we offer a full EPB service. That includes inspecting your EPB in full and replacing any part that needs a replacement, such as rear brake pads, rotors, or cable.

Wheel bearing​

Wheel bearing

Car brakes use wheel bearings to keep rotors aligned and restrain their movement. Moreover, if you’ve ever heard grinding noises coming from your wheels, there’s a possibility you have faulty wheel bearings. That’s why “wheel bearing replacement near me” is a standard car-related search.
When these parts malfunction, your rotors move, creating awful noises. What’s worse, they can push the calipers, causing damage to the braking system. It can lead to you needing to press the brake pedal harder, and your vehicle might even pull to one side.

Hub bearing​

Hub bearing

Another possible source of your car’s unusual noises is faulty hub bearings. Although similar to wheel bearings, these are often pre-packaged at a factory and can’t be lubed up and reassembled. Instead, they require replacements.
Nevertheless, they can also cause weird noises coming from the wheels, so if you notice anything like that, get the car to our mechanics to look into the issue, locate the problem, and fix it for you. They’ll quickly find the source of the problem and replace your hub bearings efficiently.

Wheel bearing

Wheel bearing service

If your car’s making a weird noise, faulty wheel bearings will likely cause it. They can cause squealing and grinding sounds, and these noises might be more powerful when you’re turning. If you suspect your wheel bearings are malfunctioning, there’s no need to google “wheel bearing replacement near me.” Instead, get the car to Dependable Car Care’s garage.
We can fix all your wheel bearing replacement near me search-related issues as we offer a complete wheel bearing service. Our mechanics will look into them and locate the faulty ones that might need to be removed, disassembled, and lubed up or replaced.

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