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Your car’s drivability includes three primary systems – the fuel, ignition, and emissions system, which further divide into different car components. These components are essential, and when they malfunction, they impact your car’s ability to drive, hence the name. That’s why taking proper care of and regularly maintaining all three systems can help keep your car in pristine condition and make it last longer. If your car has drivability issues, you can take it to our professional mechanics at Dependable Car Care. With over 20 years of experience and a car engine light tester, there’s not a single drivability issue we can’t fix.
At Dependable Car Care, we offer comprehensive Drivability services in Ventura County, keeping your car in pristine condition. Learn more about the specific types of Drivability we offer below.

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Diagnose drivability issues

At Dependable Car Care, expert mechanics have worked with hundreds of car brands and models and fixed thousands of drivability issues. They can quickly and efficiently diagnose any drivability problems your vehicle might have.
The process involves checking for any drivability components, measuring their health, and testing whether any of these are malfunctioning and need a repair or a replacement.
We do so by hooking the car to a quality diagnostic tool and checking for all diagnostic fault codes. These codes can point to many car problems, and we can test and fix these issues for you quickly.


Check Engine light testing

One of the most common car-related searches is “check engine diagnostic near me,” as vehicles often need Check Engine light testing because it’s constantly showing up on the dashboard. Although it’s usually not a problem, and the car is working fine, it’s not something you want to postpone as it can be connected to hundreds of issues.
You’ll no longer need to search for “check engine diagnostic near me,” as we have an excellent car engine light tester. If you get your vehicle to Dependable Car Care, we can do thorough Check Engine light testing to check what’s causing the light and fix it. Even if the car is fine, we can do the Check Engine light diagnostic to remove the annoying light.

Emission system testing​

Emission system testing

The Dependable Car Care garage offers complete and thorough emission system testing. That involves testing all car components that can be a source of emissions problems, including engines, fuel tanks, carburetors, catalytic converters, etc. These components create oxygen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.
The process involves scanning your vehicle with an OBD II scan tool to measure and analyze the emission system. Remember, this isn’t only to prevent releasing pollutants into the atmosphere. These gasses can become trapped in your vehicle, and you and your family might be exposed to various smells and pollutants.

Fuel system testing

Fuel system testing

Fuel to a car is what water is to a human. If our water is terrible, we can get sick, and so can your vehicle if the fuel you give to the car is contaminated. Moreover, fuel can become contaminated by corrosion, moisture, dirt, bad filters, etc. That can lead to your entire fuel system going bad, and eventually, your car will stop working.
If you bring your car to Dependable Car Care, we can test the entire fuel system by doing a fuel pressure test. That includes testing the fuel tank and pump and all the hoses between these two and your engine.

Fuel Injection system testing

Fuel tanks and pumps are only one part of the entire fuel system. The fuel injection and throttle body service are crucial tests for the vehicle. Problems with fuel injection can cause your car not to start, your tachometer needle to shake, your engine to misfire, etc.
If you experience problems with your car’s idling or gas mileage drops, take the vehicle to Dependable Car Care, and we’ll do a complete fuel injection and throttle body service. We’ll try it for leaks and flow rate and determine whether they need a quick cleaning, patching, or replacements.

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Ignition system testing​

Ignition system testing​

When your car’s ignition starts malfunctioning, your vehicle will feel almost like a sick human and require complete ignition system testing. You might experience the vehicle losing power, shaking, vibrating, and even “coughing” sounds. The annoying light will show up, your vehicle will need the Check Engine light diagnostic, and your fuel economy will probably worsen.
These problems and a misfiring engine can all be symptoms of a flawed ignition system. So, take your car to Dependable Car Care, where we’ll do thorough Check Engine light diagnostic and ignition system testing and deal with these “sick” car problems. We’ll let you know the problem and fix or replace the faulty parts for you.

Turbocharger system testing

Turbocharger system testing

If your car pushes you into the seat when you step on it, you probably have a turbocharger. These bad boys are known to create massive power.
However, they’re also known for breaking down since they work at around 1750F and between 60,000 and 300,000 RPM. That’s 10 to 50 times more than your engine’s maximum RPM!
When your car stops making the power it used to, feels slow when accelerating, unusual smoke is coming out, or you hear a whining noise, it’s time to take it to Dependable Car Care, where we can test the entire turbocharger system.

Camshaft position sensor

Camshaft position sensor

You may not know this, but your vehicle is full of sensors tracking its every minute detail. One such sensor is the camshaft position sensor, which synchronizes fuel injectors and firing sequences with cylinders.
When the camshaft position sensor malfunctions, it’s not sending correct data to the car’s computer. Even if it’s just a few milliseconds late, your vehicle might shut off, stall, or sputter.
Although you can drive with a bad camshaft position sensor, it’s not recommended. Instead, you should take the car to Dependable Car Care, where our mechanics can do a complete fuel injector and throttle body cleaning and fix the sensor.

Crankshaft position sensor​

Crankshaft position sensor

A failing crankshaft position sensor is another possible issue that can cause engine stalling. Although stalling can be caused by many problems, you don’t want to risk it being the crankshaft position sensor.
Moreover, you should avoid driving with a dysfunctional crankshaft sensor, as it’s the most vital engine management sensor.
Instead, you should immediately take your car to our garage if you experience engine stalling. Get the vehicle to us, and our expert mechanics will find the root of the problem. If it’s the crankshaft position sensor, we’ll quickly and efficiently fix it or replace it for you.

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Diesel system testing

Diesel system testing

Diesel owners have a difficult job keeping their vehicles healthy and running smoothly. It might be due to diesel components enduring much higher pressures and temperatures than gasoline cars. That’s why taking care of a diesel engine is even more crucial than a gasoline one.
Dependable Car Care deals with vehicles, too. If you own a diesel vehicle, our mechanics can test your diesel system and fix any issues you might have.
With over 20 years of auto-repair experience, tens of car brands, and hundreds of vehicle models, we’re confident we can sort it out.

Diesel fuel injectors​

Diesel fuel injectors

If you want your diesel vehicle to run correctly, it’s essential to do regular maintenance and repair any components that might be nearing their life cycle. That life cycle is around 90,000 to 100,000 miles for diesel fuel injectors.
At Dependable Car Care, we offer the service of inspecting or replacing your diesel fuel injectors and fixing issues that might be caused by these parts malfunctioning. Those include your vehicle not starting, engine misfiring, high diesel consumption, and even the smell of fuel in your car.
If you notice these issues or suspect your diesel fuel injectors aren’t working correctly, it’s time to replace them.

Ignition system testing​

Diesel particulate filter

Diesel owners are most likely familiar with the term “DPF.” You may have also seen the DPF light in your vehicle. It stands for diesel particulate filter, a filter that lessens the pollution and emissions of diesel engines.
The filter needs cleaning if the DPF light comes on, and you can do so by driving your diesel vehicle for 20 min at speeds over 40mph.
However, if it’s been a while since you replaced it, it’s time to come to the Dependable Car Care garage and get a new DPF since these filters last for around 100,000 miles.



DEF is a critical element in reducing a diesel vehicle’s emissions and stands for Diesel Exhaust Fluid. The fluid reduces emissions by up to 90% and helps diesel engines run better and use fuel efficiently.
Taking proper care of the entire DEF system, including the fluid, tank, and injectors, is essential in keeping your diesel engine’s emissions under legal limits. Otherwise, you might not be able to register your vehicle, and you can also receive massive fines.
Get the vehicle to our garage for a proper inspection, and we’ll inspect it thoroughly and fix any possible problems.

DEF Tank

DEF tank

Diesel vehicles have a designated Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank, which you should care for and maintain well. Otherwise, you risk the DEF leaking, which can lead to fines for higher emissions, and you may end up damaging other components of your diesel vehicle.
If you bring the car over to our expert mechanics, they’ll thoroughly inspect your DEF tank for damage or repair and refill your DEF for you. That helps your vehicle run properly for another 6,000 miles, at which point you’ll need to fill up the DEF again.

DEF injector

DEF injector

The part responsible for sending Diesel Exhaust Fluid from its tank to the exhaust is called a DEF injector. If your DEF injector isn’t working correctly, your diesel engine’s pollution will be much higher, for which you can get fined.
Dependable Car Care offers the service of checking all things DEF related, including your DEF injectors. We’ll notice higher emissions when you take your vehicle for diagnosis and check the DEF injectors to see if they work as they should.
If there’s a problem, our team of experts with over 20 years of experience can quickly fix the problem for you.

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Glow plug(s) testing​

Glow plug(s) testing

Glow plugs are responsible for starting your diesel engine. Since they’re responsible for igniting diesel fuel, malfunctioning glow plugs can lead to ignition problems, especially in colder climates and lower temperatures.
If you experience issues with your diesel engine not starting up, chances are, it’s a glow plug problem. Get your diesel vehicle straight to Dependable Car Care garage, and we’ll test it out for you.
With the help of a multimeter, our professionals will test each of your glow plug’s resistances to determine whether they’re causing your ignition problems.

Glow plug(s) replace​

Glow plug(s) replace

When our mechanics test your diesel vehicle’s glow plugs, they’ll determine whether it’s an issue with glow plugs or something else entirely.
If the problem lies with your diesel’s glow plugs, there’s nothing to worry about, as it’s relatively cheap and easy to fix, and we offer glow-plug replacement services. Moreover, our experienced mechanics will do so quickly.
After replacing the glow plugs, we’ll test your car’s ignition, and you shouldn’t have any problems starting it up from then on. That’s especially true for starting up a diesel vehicle in colder temperatures.

Diesel fuel injector pump

Suppose you experience problems such as engine misfiring, difficulties starting the vehicle, poor acceleration, or weird smoke coming from the back of your car. In that case, chances are, you have a failing diesel fuel injector pump.
Taking care of the diesel fuel injector pump is vital in keeping your diesel vehicle running smoothly. Otherwise, you might hear uncommon noises from the fuel tank and deal with power losses and engine stalls.
If you encounter any of these issues, get the car to Dependable Car Care, and we’ll take a look at your diesel fuel injector pump.



As you may already be aware, car engines have a firing order by which cylinders in your engine activate. That order is different between various car manufacturers, models, and engines. Moreover, when starting a car, spark plugs create sparks in the same sequence, and a distributor often controls that.
Typical for older vehicles, a distributor creates sparks for your car’s spark plugs in a proper firing order. When it malfunctions, your car can have issues starting up entirely. If you’re suspicious about a faulty distributor, you can take the vehicle to our expert mechanics, who will diagnose any problems with the distributor.

Distributor cap​

Distributor cap

Although modern vehicles often don’t have distributors, if you own an older car, you probably have a distributor cap that takes the voltage from ignition coils to cylinders. Along with the distributor rotor, these two components are vital for your ignition system.
A distributor cap typically lasts for about 50,000 miles or five years. Regularly maintaining your distributor caps can help prevent engine misfires or stalling, leading to other engine components getting damaged.
We offer distributor cap testing and replacement services, so if you encounter stalling or misfires, get the vehicle to Dependable Car Care.

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Distributor rotor​

Distributor rotor

The distributor rotor is another essential part of the vehicle’s ignition, along with the distributor cap. These two components transfer electricity from the ignition coil to the cylinders, and you should replace them every 50,000 miles.
Even if your distributor rotor isn’t damaged, replacing it regularly and according to your car’s manual can prevent multiple ignition system problems. Moreover, the rotor and the cap often go together, so you should replace them simultaneously.
If the rotor gets damaged or you suspect it’s damaged, Dependable Car Care is here to diagnose and fix the issue quickly.

Engine control module programming​

Engine control module programming

The engine control module (ECM) is your vehicle’s brain, controlling many things. When a car comes from the factory, its engine control module programming is done for optimal fuel economy, power, and emissions.
However, you can reprogram the ECM, change the vehicle’s computer, and get the most out of your engine. That can mean better fuel economy or more power.
Although it seems counterintuitive to change these settings, it can lead to improvements since factory programming often limits ECM. Fortunately, we offer engine control module programming services at Dependable Car Care, so you can let the experts handle it.

Engine control module software update​

Engine control module software update

Since ECM controls the entire vehicle, keeping its settings optimal is essential to getting the most out of your car and ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently.
Moreover, as the module inside your car is like a small computer similar to your laptop, you can update its software, just like a Windows computer. However, it’s not as simple as with a laptop or a phone, so it’s best to let a professional do it.
We offer such a service, and Dependable Car Care’s mechanics can find the latest software for your vehicle’s make and model and quickly update your ECM’s software.

Evaporative system testing​

Evaporative system testing

We all know the smell of gasoline, and many of us even love it. However, these fuel vapors can be harmful, and since they also damage the atmosphere, cars use a sealed system for fuel to prevent them from escaping.
If you’ve encountered a strong fuel smell inside or near your car even after you’re far from the gas station, your vehicle’s evaporative system might be faulty.
Fortunately, Dependable Car Care offers complete and thorough evaporative system testing. We can test and fix any evaporative system components, such as valves, seals, tubes, or hoses.

GDI Fuel system testing​

GDI Fuel system testing

Most modern gas cars use a GDI fuel system, where GDI stands for Gasoline Direct Injection. Such a fuel system is relatively new, but it’s already in half the gas-powered vehicles in the US.
However, a GDI fuel system is more complex than a traditional gas fuel system and requires proper maintenance and repair.
At Dependable Car Care, expert mechanics have worked with GDI fuel systems for years. That’s why you can take your GDI gas car to our garage without worries, and we’ll test the entire fuel system, letting you know if something needs to be repaired or replaced.

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GDI system service​

GDI system service

Since a GDI system is a newer and more complex fuel system, it requires maintenance and cleaning once every 30,000 miles. If you don’t maintain it correctly and at such intervals, you can have problems with your GDI gas car as early as the next 3,000 miles after the maintenance was supposed to happen.
That’s why Dependable Car Care offers a complete GDI system service. Our mechanics will remove the intake manifold part of the engine, thoroughly clean it, and inspect whether all the GDI system components are in working order.

Idle speed control​

Idle speed control

When you start up your car’s engine, it’s normal to idle a bit higher and then come down to something like 700–800 RPM while in neutral. That’s the minimum RPM speed an engine needs to keep from stalling and shutting off.
However, if you encounter problems with your engine stalling or RPM speeds of 1200 or higher even after the engine has warmed up, you might have idle speed control (ISC) issues.
You can take your car to us, and we can test your car’s ISC mode and see if it has a problem. If there is, we’ll quickly repair it.

Mass air flow sensor​

Mass air flow sensor

A faulty mass air flow (MAF) sensor can significantly damage your vehicle’s engine. It measures the airflow going into the cylinders, and if your car’s computer isn’t getting accurate data, it can inject less or more fuel than needed, damaging the engine.
Such a sensor can last up to ten years but needs proper cleaning each time you change the air filter. Moreover, a dirty filter can damage your MAF sensor, so ensure you regularly replace it.
If you suspect a bad sensor, expert mechanics at Dependable Car Care can inspect it, clean it, test it, and replace it for you.

Oxygen sensor

Oxygen sensor

The oxygen (O2) sensor is another critical part that manages the fuel-to-air ratio in your car’s cylinders. Without it, the car would be very rough when idling and likely have poor acceleration, as your vehicle’s ECM wouldn’t know what the engine needs.
Suppose you encounter problems such as the above or engine misfiring and stalling. A bad sensor can also disrupt your engine’s timings, and you might smell a foul mixture of fuel and air. In that case, the professionals at Dependable Car Care can look into the issue and inspect and replace your car’s oxygen sensor.

Heated oxygen sensor​

Heated oxygen sensor

The heated oxygen sensor is another type of O2 sensor that monitors your car’s oxygen levels. Both sensors are located in your car’s exhaust system and do the same thing – they watch oxygen in the fuel-to-air ratio.
However, a heated oxygen sensor might have the advantage, as it’s more efficient. These types of sensors often have a heating element inside, as they need to be at 600 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter to work correctly. The heated O2 sensor will quickly reach its working temperature.
Dependable Car Care’s mechanics can efficiently inspect and replace your car’s heated oxygen sensor if needed.

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Spark plug(s)

Spark plug(s)

Unlike a diesel engine with glow plugs, a gas engine uses spark plugs to ignite your fuel and air mixture. A car usually has one spark plug per cylinder, so an inline four-cylinder engine, the most common type, has four spark plugs.
These little devices are a vital part of your car’s ignition system and are responsible for starting the engine. When they malfunction, they often go one by one, and until they all fail, your vehicle will be progressively harder to start up. Nevertheless, they’re easy to diagnose and fix – our expert mechanics can quickly do that.

Throttle body​

Throttle body

If you were looking up “throttle body cleaning near me,” we’re here to help. A throttle body controls the engine’s air amount through a housing with a valve that constantly opens.
Your car’s performance drops when it malfunctions, as it lacks a proper fuel-to-air mixture in the cylinders. It might be a failing throttle body if you notice low fuel economy, low or high idle RPMs, a check engine light, etc.
You won’t need to Google “throttle body cleaning near me” anymore, as mechanics at Dependable Car Care can do a thorough fuel injection and throttle body service together, clean and service the throttle body, or replace it if it’s broken.

Throttle body​ Service​

Throttle body​ Service

As we’ve been working with thousands and thousands of different car manufacturers and models over the last 20 years, a faulty throttle body is a minor issue that our professional mechanics can fix in no time.
Dependable Car Care’s mechanics can clean and service the throttle body if you’re having problems with it. Moreover, you can sense a faulty throttle body as it’s directly connected to your right foot and the gas pedal.
We’ll quickly diagnose if it’s the cause of your problems, clean it if it has a grime build-up, or get you a new throttle body if it needs a replacement.

Throttle position sensor​

Throttle position sensor

A throttle body also has a sensor that measures how open the throttle body is and lets an appropriate amount of air into the engine’s intake manifold. Such a small item can lead to poor vehicle power and slower gear shifts. You’re also likely to notice hesitation when speeding up or sudden surges during acceleration.
If you encounter these problems, chances are your throttle position sensor is failing. Expert mechanics at Dependable Car Care can test this problem, inspect your car’s throttle position sensor to see if it needs replacing, and do a fuel injector and throttle body cleaning for you.

Vehicle speed sensor

Vehicle speed sensor

A vehicle speed sensor (VSS) is another small but essential item in a car. Since it measures the speed of your car’s wheels, it can affect your transmission, brakes, and ABS.
Suppose you encounter problems such as an erratic speedometer, heavy braking in neutral, or your car’s transmission behaving weirdly and not going into top gear. In that case, you likely have a faulty VSS.
Since it’s very unsafe to drive with faulty VSS, as it affects your car’s braking and ABS, you should take your vehicle to Dependable Car Care’s garage immediately, where we can quickly replace it.

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