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A functioning HVAC system is critical for your comfort and safety while driving. Your HVAC keeps you cool in the summer heat and warm during winter. It helps you defrost and defog your windshields and removes excess moisture from the air. While you might not always use your HVAC system year-round, there’s no denying how relieving it is to have it work well when you most need it. If you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle’s HVAC, contact Dependable Car Care, and we’ll solve them for you. We offer comprehensive HVAC services to ensure your utmost comfort in all weather conditions. 
Air Conditioner Service​​

Air Conditioner Service​​

Though there are no definitive pre-set timeframes, it’s in your best interest to bring your car in for an air conditioner service once every two years – provided that you don’t experience unusual problems in the meantime.
During the air conditioner service, your mechanic will inspect, fix, and replace any element that might be causing problems. Most commonly, they’ll first check for leaks and clogs. Then, they’ll inspect the cooling fan, check for electrical issues, and fill up (or replace) your coolant.
It’s a standard service that typically doesn’t take longer than an hour or two, depending on the condition of your HVAC system.

A/C Service​

A/C Service

If your car is in need of A/C service, it will likely let you know. One of the first telltale signs that you’ll need to check the condition of your A/C is inconsistent cooling. Some vents might blast freezing cold air, while others could be almost warm. It’s even possible that all the vents randomly switch between cool and warm air. Most commonly, that means that you need to refill your refrigerant or that there’s a leak somewhere.
Other signs you’ll need to look out for include no cool air, unusual smells filling your car when you turn your A/C on, and leaks. If you encounter any of these issues, visit Dependable Car Care immediately, and we’ll get your vehicle’s A/C in no time.

R134a ​


Most commonly, when you notice that your vehicle’s A/C isn’t working as efficiently as it should, it’s a sign that you need to recharge your refrigerant. Different cars will use different refrigerant types, and it’s critical to use the right type for your vehicle if you want to avoid damage.
Most cars manufactured between 1995 and 2021 will use the R134a refrigerant. It was developed as an alternative to the R12 refrigerant, which was causing environmental concerns.
It’s in your best interest to check your manufacturer’s guidelines and use the type of refrigerant best suited to your vehicle.
Visit Dependable Car Care for R134a services and have your A/C working flawlessly.



Although the R134a refrigerant is more environmentally friendly than its predecessor, it still has a high Global Warming Potential, measuring at 1430. To combat this problem, manufacturers have been slowly introducing vehicles that use the R1234a refrigerant. It’s significantly more eco-friendly, with a GWP of around 4.
All European cars manufactured after 2016 and all US cars manufactured after 2021 use the R1234a refrigerant. However, it’s still possible for some older cars, manufactured from 2014 onwards, to use it as well.
As a general rule of thumb, the refrigerant doesn’t need frequent servicing. It exists in a sealed system, so failures are uncommon. However, if there’s a leak in your vehicle’s HVAC, you might need an R1234a recharge. Visit Dependable Car Care for full refrigerant servicing.

A/C Condenser Service​

A/C Condenser Service

The HVAC system in your vehicle is composed of many intricate parts, and the condenser is among the most critical ones.
In a nutshell, the A/C condenser is a heat exchanger. Located between the grille and the radiator, it helps cool down the gaseous refrigerant, turning it back into a liquid. From there, it cools the cabin, keeping you and your passengers nice and comfortable even on the hottest summer day.
Some of the signs that you need to send your car in for an A/C condenser service include no cold air, refrigerant leaks, and a burning smell when you turn your A/C on. Of course, you might even see dashboard warning lights telling you that something is wrong.

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A/C Evacuation And Recharge​

A/C Evacuation And Recharge

An A/C evacuation and recharge is a standard service you’ll need to have once every year or two – depending on how often you use your car’s A/C.
It’s a simple process that’s somewhat similar to other fluid changes, such as an oil change or an antifreeze change. Your mechanic will evacuate the old refrigerant and fill the system up with a new one.
During the A/C evacuation and recharge, the mechanic will typically do a quick visual inspection of your HVAC system and do a leak and performance test.

A/C Evaporator Core​

A/C Evaporator Core

The A/C evaporator core performs a critical function, pushing the refrigerant through your HVAC system and cooling it down with the compressor and the engine fan. Without a properly functioning A/C evaporator core, your HVAC system wouldn’t be able to regulate cabin temperature.
The most common problem with A/C evaporator cores is leaks. Even a small leak could wreak havoc on the HVAC system.
Leaks in the evaporator core could be caused by exterior damage to the seams or even by internal corrosion. At Dependable Car Care, we’ll carefully examine your A/C evaporator core and fix it as quickly as possible.

A/C Expansion Valve​

A/C Expansion Valve

If there were too much refrigerant in the evaporator core, it would freeze. If there were not enough refrigerant in the evaporator core, it would overheat. Neither of these two options is something you want to deal with, and neither will happen when you have a properly operating A/C expansion valve.
The A/C expansion valve has a critical role in regulating the refrigerant flow. When the surrounding environment is cold enough, and you set your A/C on low, the valve will prevent too much refrigerant from coming through. When the surrounding environment is warm and your A/C is on high, it will let more refrigerant through.
It’s a simple system, but it’s still prone to issues. Inconsistent airflow, frost on your vents, or warm air are some of the most common signs of A/C expansion valve issues.

A/C Accumulator​

A/C Accumulator

The A/C accumulator is a large, cylindrical canister designed to take in the vapor from the evaporator and transfer it to the compressor.
Its main function is to filter the refrigerant, store its liquid form, and only transfer it in its gaseous form to the compressor. It absorbs all excess moisture and removes impurities from the refrigerant.
If your A/C accumulator isn’t functioning correctly, you can encounter strange, rattling sounds, leaks, and even odd, mold-like scent when you turn your AC on.

A/C Receiver Drier​

A/C Receiver Drier

Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, you’ll either have an A/C accumulator or an A/C receiver drier. They serve very similar functions, mainly used for filtering and storing your refrigerant.
The A/C receiver drier takes in hot refrigerant in its liquid form, stores it, then sends it to the evaporator as needed. It also removes debris from the refrigerant and removes excess moisture from it, keeping your HVAC system functioning correctly.
Signs of problems are the same as with A/C accumulators. You will notice odd sounds and smells, leaks, and poorly functioning A/C.

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A/C Orifice Tube​

A/C Orifice Tube

The main reason why HVAC systems in cars are so complicated is that they need to properly control the refrigerant flow at all points throughout the system. Otherwise, the hectic changes between the hot and cold refrigerants would quickly result in expensive fixes.
So, your vehicle has several parts that help it manage the refrigerant flow. One is the expansion valve, which moves and restricts/permits refrigerant flow based on its temperature. The other is the A/C orifice tube.
Unlike the expansion valve, the orifice tube has no moving parts. It acts as a barrier between the high-pressure and low-pressure refrigerant and serves as an additional filter that removes debris.
A fault in the orifice tube will result in diminished performance of your A/C, so it’s critical to have it checked for damages and fixed as quickly as possible.

A/C Line/Hose​

A/C Line/Hose

For the entire A/C system in your car to function, it needs to be connected. That’s precisely what A/C lines or hoses were created for.
They help carry refrigerant in its liquid and gaseous form to and from different parts of your HVAC system. A clog or break in one of the lines that connect the entire system will have a serious impact on the performance of your A/C.
Common signs of a problematic A/C line include leakage and lack of cold air. Even if you don’t experience these issues, it’s critical to have your A/C lines checked if you notice physical damage to them in the form of abrasions, exposed threads, cuts, and the like.

A/C Heater Blower Motor​

A/C Heater Blower Motor

The main reason why you can feel warm or cold air passing through the vents in your vehicle is because of the A/C heater blower motor. The motor, controlled by the fan speed settings on your dashboard, increases or decreases the air current, helping to keep you and your passengers nice and comfortable during your ride.
Most commonly, when the A/C heater blower motor malfunctions, there will be no air coming through the vents of your car. However, keep in mind that you might feel a weak air current as you’re picking up speed.
It’s in your best interest to check and fix your A/C heater blower motor immediately if you notice signs of trouble. Dependable Car Care can help keep your A/C heater blower motor in pristine condition.

A/C Heater Blower Motor​

A/C Heater Blower Motor Resistor

To know whether to pick up speed or slow down the fan, your car’s A/C heater blower motor relies on the resistor.
The A/C heater blower motor resistor is an electrical component that manages the electrical flow into the motor. When you increase electrical resistance by turning your A/C to low, the fan speed of the motor will decrease. When you decrease resistance, the fan speed will increase.
While the A/C heater blower motor resistor is quite resilient, it is prone to wear and tear. You’ll know there’s a problem when the fan only spins at the highest setting.

A/C Heater Blower Motor Relay​

A/C Heater Blower Motor Relay

The A/C heater blower motor relay is somewhat similar to the resistor. However, while the resistor is mainly responsible for handling lower fan speeds, the relay manages high-speed blower operations.
The relay is constantly turning on and off, activated when you turn your A/C on, warm up your cabin, defrost the windows, etc. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it can malfunction after excessive use.
If you notice varying speeds in your blower when you haven’t changed the settings or that the blower doesn’t work when you run your A/C on high, there’s likely a problem in your A/C heater blower motor relay. Contact dependable Car Care for relay services.

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A/C Heater Control Head​

A/C Heater Control Head

The A/C heater control head, sometimes referred to as the control panel, is the dashboard-mounted system that enables you to manage your cabin’s temperature.
If you have automatic climate control, you can just set your preferred cabin temperature on the A/C heater control head, and the HVAC system will do the rest. It will adjust the fan speed and air temperature automatically. If you have a manual air conditioning system, you need to adjust the fan speed and air temperature, and the HAC system will follow your orders. If it gets too cold or hot in your vehicle, you’ll have to change the settings to make the cabin more comfortable.
Sometimes, your HVAC system could be working perfectly, but your A/C heater control head could experience glitches. Contact Dependable Car Care for a full A/C heater control head service.

A/C Heater Blower Switch​

A/C Heater Blower Switch

The A/C heater blower switch is one of the controls on your A/C control head. It allows you to manage your blower fan speed to ensure your utmost comfort while driving.
The most common issues you’ll encounter with the A/C heater blower switch include the switch only operating on some settings or getting stuck and not working at all. Both of these issues can easily be solved at Dependable Car Care, so contact us if you’re worried about your A/C heater blower switch.

A/C Pressure Switch​

A/C Pressure Switch

The A/C pressure switch performs critical functions in your vehicle’s HVAC system. It monitors the pressure levels in the HVAC system, activating or deactivating the compressor when the pressure is too low or too high.
Even a minor problem with the A/C pressure switch could prevent your entire HVAC system from working properly.
Some of the problems you could encounter with a bad pressure switch include inconsistent A/C operations, strange noises coming from the A/C, and the A/C not cooling the cabin well enough.
Contact Dependable Car Care for a solution when your A/C pressure switch is misbehaving.

Heater Core​

Heater Core​

The heater core is a radiator located behind the instrument panel. It’s used to bring up the temperature inside the cabin, and it’s equipped with tiny tubes that let warmed-up coolant pass through, as well as fins that enable proper airflow.
Common signs of heater core problems include poor or nonexistent air flow, no warm air coming through the vents, and coolant leakage.
At Dependable Car Care, we can quickly diagnose problems with the A/C and fix your heater core without a hitch.

Blend Door​

Blend Door

Though you might not know precisely what it is, a blend door is something you likely use daily. Whenever you turn your A/C on, the blend door activates, pushing air to the heater (or the cooler), letting it reach your desired temperature to make the cabin more comfortable.
The blend door is located just behind the dashboard and is operated by an actuator. However, its performance could diminish over time.
While a bad blend door won’t put you in immediate danger on the road, it will make your rides more uncomfortable. So, it’s in your best interest to visit Dependable Car Care when you notice the first signs of the blend door malfunctioning.

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Blend Door Actuator​

Blend Door Actuator

The blend door actuator is a small motor that controls the blend door operations. Thanks to the blend door actuator, you can set up fresh air or air recirculation modes on your A/C, control hot/cold air circulation, and defrost your windows.
In most instances, when you start noticing trouble with your A/C, it’s not the blend door itself that starts causing problems but rather the actuator.
Common signs of trouble include poor defrosting function, grinding noises when turning your A/C on, and inconsistent air temperature from different vents.
At Dependable Car Care, we can solve all your blend door actuator issues in an instant.

Heater Control Valve​

Heater Control Valve

The heater control valve is essential for driver and passenger comfort. It controls how much coolant can flow through the heater core by collecting hot coolant from the engine and releasing it to the core. Based on the climate settings you choose, the heater control valve will release more or less hot coolant, ensuring that the temperature inside the cabin is exactly right. Common signs that you’re experiencing heater control valve issues include:

  • No heat coming from the vents;
  • Only high heat coming from the vents;
  • Irregular heat output;
  • Coolant leakage;
  • High readings on your temperature gauges.
Visit Dependable Car Care immediately to solve these issues.

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