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From headlights to light switches to engine belts to brake lights, newer vehicles have more and more electrical components. These components require regular care and repair, affecting your car’s safety features and what’s under the hood. Like any other system on a car, these components can malfunction, break, and cause many issues if not fixed as soon as possible.  That’s where Dependable Car Care comes in, as our expert mechanics have been diagnosing and fixing electrical problems for over 20 years.

At Dependable Car Care, we offer comprehensive Electrical services in Ventura County, keeping your car in pristine condition. Learn more about the specific types of Electrial we offer below.

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We offer complete belt services for hundreds of vehicle manufacturers and models, including alternator belt tightening. Moreover, we’re confident in our work and employees’ professionalism and offer a three-year or 36,000 miles guarantee. You certainly won’t find such a service at your local down-the-road mechanic.
Whether you own an older V-belt vehicle or a newer one with a serpentine belt, our expert mechanics can look into any belt issues your car might have. We’ll thoroughly inspect whether your belt or other belt components have damage or need a repair or replacement – if they do, we’ll quickly fix them.

Serpentine belt​

Serpentine belt

Also known as the alternator belt and accessory or drive belt, as it “drives” other components, the serpentine belt resembles a snake around your car’s engine, hence the name.
The belt transfers the engine’s power to many other smaller car components, such as the water pump, the alternator, the power steering pump, and the air conditioning.
When it goes bad, it creates a screeching noise that’s louder when accelerating, and it can significantly impact your other components, like the ones above. If you hear this noise, you should immediately take your car to Dependable Car Care for an alternator belt tightening, as other parts don’t have long until they break.



Older vehicles use the older belt type to transfer the engine’s power to other components. These belts are called V-belts and have the same function as serpentine belts.
If you own an older vehicle with a V-belt, or if you’re unsure which one your car uses, mechanics at Dependable Car Care can take a look at it for you, inspect the belt, and replace it if it needs a replacement.
Although serpentine belts are standard now, older V-belts aren’t bad either, and they can handle decent engine power. However, they also break and should be replaced every 60,000 miles or more.

Serpentine belt tensioner​

Serpentine belt tensioner

Serpentine belts use a tensioner to keep everything in place and properly tightened. That’s done by putting a certain amount of force on the belt, ensuring it stays in place, and checking it adequately transfers the engine’s power to other components’ pulleys.
These components should last as long as the belts, and you should regularly replace them, as they can lead to many engine performance problems. Moreover, your other smaller components might break.
Fortunately, we offer all kinds of belt services at Dependable Car Care, including alternator belt tightening, and fixing or replacing a serpentine belt tensioner is nothing new to our expert mechanics.

Serpentine belt tensioner pulley​

Serpentine belt tensioner pulley

Another significant component of your car’s belts is a tensioner pulley. This little device is attached to a bolt with which you can adjust the tension to put more or less pressure on the belt.
They’re the primary component in keeping your serpentine belts running smoothly and adequately tight. If they malfunction, your serpentine belt will likely become loose, affecting your engine’s performance and the health of your alternator, water pump, air conditioning, etc.
However, it’s not a problem that professionals at Dependable Car Care can’t fix. If you take the car to us, we’ll do so quickly and efficiently.

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Serpentine belt idler pulley​

Serpentine belt idler pulley

Although the serpentine belt idler pulley isn’t as crucial of a component as the tensioner pulley, it’s still a part you should regularly replace, and you can do so at Dependable Car Care, where we’ll thoroughly inspect your belt idler pulley to check for damage beforehand.
You can drive with a failing belt idler pulley, but you might lose control of your vehicle if it comes off while moving. Moreover, you’ll be putting your other components at considerable risk. These components include the alternator, the water pump, and everything else that relies on the belt.

Diagnose lighting concern

Although cars are full of lights that often simply malfunction, just like any other electrical component, sometimes it’s not a problem with the light itself.
If the lights go off, you can get a Phillips screwdriver and a multimeter and fix it yourself. However, if you’re concerned that the light isn’t the actual source of the problem, or you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can get your car to Dependable Car Care for a diagnosis.
We’ll thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s electrical components, check the lighting system, and let you know your problem, which we can fix.

Diagnose electrical concern​

Diagnose electrical concern

Dependable Car Care offers a complete electrical system diagnosis. If you take the vehicle to our garage, professional mechanics with over 20 years of experience will look into any of your electrical issues, thoroughly inspect your car’s electrical system, and fix any problems we might find.
These issues can lead to problems such as engine cranking improperly, battery issues, car lights not working, the smell of burning plastic, etc. If you encounter any of these issues, let us know, and get the car to us as soon as possible, so we can check and address any electrical concerns you have.

Brake light testing​

Brake light testing

Suppose you’re driving your car, going home from work. It’s dark out, and you come across a hole in the road. You slow down to safely go around it, and then, bam! You get rear-ended. That’s not an unlikely scenario if your brake lights malfunction or stop working entirely.
Brake lights are vital to every vehicle and can save your life in low-light situations or at night. That’s why Dependable Car Care offers a complete brake light testing service. When backing up to a wall and testing whether you see red lights isn’t enough, we have you covered.



Just as your car’s brake lights are crucial so you don’t get rear-ended at night, the headlights are even more essential so you don’t end up rear-ending someone else. Driving without headlights at night is practically impossible, and you don’t want them to fail in such a situation.
Of course, bulbs break, lights become faulty, and even newer LED systems malfunction. Fortunately, Dependable Car Care’s mechanics have your back, and we can fix any headlight issues.
That’s why you should take care of your vehicle’s headlights and go for an inspection or repair the moment you notice any issues.

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Daytime running light​

Daytime running light

Since daytime running lights are mandatory in Europe and other parts of the world, imported vehicles also come with these to the US. These lights aren’t legally required in the US, but newer cars often have them.
They turn on as soon as you turn the engine and help illuminate your car, increasing its visibility at night. However, as with any other light, these can malfunction as well.
If you want to keep your safety at night, you can take your car to Dependable Car Care, where we’ll look into any light problems and quickly fix them for you.

Turn signal switch​

Turn signal

You’re not legally obligated to use these if you’re a BMW driver. For drivers of all other car brands, it’s mandatory. That was a joke, as turn signals are essential in letting other drivers know where you’re going. They’re probably one of the primary reasons why traffic systems can function.
If you’ve noticed issues with turn signals, such as they’re coming on but aren’t flashing, won’t turn on, or you hear a faster noise, it’s time to repair them. You can get the car to Dependable Car Care, where we’ll quickly fix this common issue for you.

Hazard lights

Hazard lights

Also known as emergency lights, they indicate an emergency or danger to other drivers or let them know your car has become a hazard. They’re legally mandatory to use and can save your life if your vehicle has had a significant issue.
Whether in a snowstorm or heavy fog or changing a tire by the highway, these lights are crucial and should be regularly maintained. You shouldn’t drive if these are faulty. Repair them quickly if you don’t want fines.
Dependable Car Care can thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s hazard lights, check for damaged lights, and repair the system if needed.

Wiper system​

Wiper system

Each time you use your windshield wipers, when your windshield is dirty with bird poop or becomes frosty in winter conditions, you affect your wiper mechanism. Little by little, your wipers fall out of place, dull out, and don’t wipe properly. That’s why “windshield wiper replacement near me” is a common search.
Although windshield wiper replacement is an easy fix if it’s just your wiper blades that need replacing, sometimes the issue is more complex. If you’ve just changed these, and your wipers still aren’t functioning correctly, you can stop googling “windshield wiper replacement near me and get the car to Dependable Car Care, so we can inspect your wiper system and fix it for you.

Washer system​

Washer system

Your car’s windshield washer system is relatively complex, especially if you have a newer vehicle with rain sensors. These sensors make the washer system complex and a pain to work on.
Doing a car wiper replacement or topping off washer fluid is undoubtedly something you can do yourself. For everything else, you can take the car to us. That’s for situations where your sprinklers aren’t spraying liquid, or your new vehicle’s sensors aren’t activating in rainy weather.
Dependable Car Care offers washer system services, and the amount of work needed will depend on the make and model of your vehicle and the complexity of your washer system.

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Wiper blades​

Wiper blades

Car wiper replacement, also known as windscreen wipers replacement, is a relatively easy fix and something many car enthusiasts do themselves. Nevertheless, if you’re uncomfortable doing it, you won’t have to look up “windshield wiper replacement near me,” as Dependable Car Care offers windshield wiper replacement, too.
If you don’t feel like changing wiper blades for fear of breaking something, we welcome you to our garage, where you can let professional mechanics with over 20 years of experience do everything for you. Moreover, they might diagnose a different issue.
They’ll quickly and efficiently do a windshield wiper replacement for you, and you won’t have to worry about your car.

Washer pump​

Washer pump

If your washer system isn’t working correctly or is having difficulties spraying the liquid on your windscreen, you might need a windscreen wipers replacement. Still, chances are, your washer pump is problematic.
The materials degrade like any other car components, and parts stop working. That’s when you’ll feel your washer pump barely spraying or not at all.
Since it’s vital to keeping your windshield clean, it’s recommended that you fix or replace it as soon as possible. You can do so at Dependable Car Care, which offers washer pump inspection, diagnosis, repair, and replacement. Our experts can fix it, no matter the make and model of your vehicle.

Wiper switch​

Wiper switch

A wiper switch is that little lever, most likely on the right side of your steering wheel, which you use to activate all wiper functions. It can easily break or malfunction since it’s both a lever and has rotating knobs.
If you’ve just done a windscreen wipers replacement and notice issues when turning your wipers on or off, or they won’t change speeds or spray washing fluid, the wiper switch is the first to look at.
However, its complexity means you most likely can’t fix it yourself. Moreover, since car wiper replacement and switches are critical for a vehicle, it’s time to get the car to the professionals at Dependable Car Care.

Combination switch​

Combination switch

A combination switch is a control lever with commands to turn signals, headlights, and wipers. It can be on either side of your steering wheel but often on the left.
Since it’s part of a car we use incredibly often, it must always work correctly. Moreover, as this is a single switch that combines some of the car’s most vital functions, properly maintaining it is critical.
That’s why Dependable Car Care offers efficient and quick combination switch repair and replacement, as it’s not a car component you should deal with yourself but one you need at all times.

Headlight switch​

Headlight switch

Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, a headlight switch can be a knob or a lever. These are most likely on the left side of your steering wheel, and no matter the design, this switch controls your running lights and low-beam and high-beam headlights. Moreover, there might also be a wheel that controls your dashboard’s illumination.
Problems with the headlight switch can be a safety hazard, and all vehicles require working lights and a functioning headlight switch. Otherwise, you might be fined.
Fortunately, at Dependable Car Care, we also deal with headlight switches, and we can quickly repair these.

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Turn signal switch​

Turn signal switch

Dependable Car Care also offers turn signal switch maintenance and repair, as all vehicles should use blinkers, regardless of whether they are in heavy traffic or alone on the road. Yes, that applies to BMW drivers, too.
If you’re having trouble with your turn signal switch, such as continuous blinking even if it’s in the center or the button not staying in place, you can get the car to our garage so we can look into it. Otherwise, you risk getting fined or even getting into fatal collisions. You shouldn’t waste time if your turn signal switch starts troubling you.

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