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Whether you own an automatic or drive stick, you likely know how gears work. Both types of cars have them, and their number depends on your vehicle’s make and model. The gears are a part of your transmission system, and in manual vehicles, drivers use a clutch to change gears. It’s an incredibly complex system with hundreds of moving parts that smooth the ride and help gear changes.
At Dependable Car Care, we offer comprehensive Transmission and Clutch services in Ventura County, keeping your car in pristine condition. Learn more about the specific types of Transmission and Clutch we offer below.

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Transmission control module replace

Transmission control module replace

Like an engine control module or ECM, a transmission control module, known as TCM, and sometimes TCU, controls your vehicle’s transmission. It’s a small computer that deals with everything related to gears.
However, like all electronic components, chips, and computers, the TCM is prone to fail. Whether due to old age, heat, or something else entirely, a TCM can break, which can cause a jittery vehicle, untimely gear shifts, and a loss in the car’s performance.
Fortunately, Dependable Car Care has dealt with TCMs since manufacturers first started using them in vehicles, and we offer TCM replacement services.

Transmission control module program​

Transmission control module program

A TCM can malfunction for several reasons, such as engine heat, poor wiring, electrical problems, etc. These issues can cause a TCM to break, so you’ll need a professional to replace it.
However, since the module is built to last as long as your vehicle, it often survives. The hardware stays healthy, but the software inside the chip needs a reset. Such an issue causes problems similar to a completely broken TCM.
On the upside, that means you won’t have to replace the TCM, but you’ll need to get the car to us for TCM reprogramming to fix any software issues.

Transmission control sensors​​​

Transmission control sensors​​

The TCM is connected to various sensors throughout the vehicle. These sensors are called transmission control sensors, and they gather information and send it to the control module, which decides whether it’s time for a gear shift or what gear to shift to.
Like most vehicle sensors, transmission control sensors are small, fragile, and prone to failure since they’re electronic devices. That can cause your car to start in the wrong gear, harsh shifts, lack of upshifts, and even cruise control issues.
To fix such issues, our mechanics can look into your transmission control sensors and replace them if needed.

Transmission fluid service​

Transmission fluid service

“Transmission fluid change near me” is a classic car-related search, and for a reason. Like engines need oil, radiators need coolant, or ACs need freon, the transmission also needs fluid. Since a vehicle’s transmission is full of grinding metal parts, it needs a suitable lubricant to prevent damage.
The transmission fluid is responsible for keeping your car’s gear shifts smooth and increasing the lifespan of your transmission. If it leaks out, your car’s gear shifts will become jittery, and you might even hear grinding noises.
You’ll no longer need to google “transmission fluid change near me,” as Dependable Car Care offers a complete transmission fluid service. We have you covered no matter the type of fluid your vehicle needs.

Transmission fluid exchange​

Transmission fluid exchange

You’re probably doing regular oil changes, but when did you change your transmission fluid last? Like any fluid in a vehicle, it needs proper maintenance and should be replaced every 35,000 to 50,000 miles, depending on your car’s transmission fluid type.
Whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission or uses synthetic or traditional transmission fluid, Dependable Car Care has you covered. If you take the car to our garage, we’ll quickly determine which transmission fluid service you need and fix it. You’ll be able to enjoy your vehicle for at least another 35,000 miles.

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A/C Service​

Transmission fluid flush

Exchanging a vehicle’s transmission fluid isn’t as simple as pouring in the new liquid and calling it a day. Instead, an expensive, professional-grade machine is involved, and it’s not something you can do yourself.
At Dependable Car Care, we can hook up your car to such a machine, pressure wash your transmission system, and thoroughly flush out the old transmission fluid with a cleaning agent.
Then, after the old fluid is gone and everything is nice and clean, we add the new transmission fluid, which gets you a three-year or 36,000 miles guarantee.

Pilot bearing​

Diagnose clutch concern

A car’s transmission system is as complex as the car’s engine. Hundreds of parts work together in unison to change gears and ensure a smooth ride for you and the passengers. One of those parts is the clutch, which manual car owners will know about.
Problems with a faulty clutch can feel like the pedal is slipping or getting stuck, but the clutch can also create various noises and a burning and distinct smell.
If you notice any of these issues, you can take the vehicle to Dependable Car Care, where we can quickly diagnose your clutch issues.

Clutch adjustment​

Clutch adjustment

Since the clutch is the most crucial pedal in a manual car, properly caring for it is essential for its longevity and correct working order. If you don’t, it may lead to problems with acceleration, hard gear shifts, slipping or squeaking clutch pedals, and more.
Fortunately, these problems don’t always require a complete clutch replacement and can often be fixed with a relatively simple clutch adjustment. If you encounter these issues, you can drive the vehicle to Dependable Car Care, where we’ll inspect the clutch and adjust it if necessary.

Clutch replacement​

Clutch replacement

Although sometimes clutch issues can be fixed by a quick adjustment, that’s not always the case. In more cases than not, the clutch is completely worn out, and no amount of adjusting can help it. Instead, it needs a complete replacement.
Dependable Car Care offers clutch replacement services, as our mechanics know a thing or two about clutches. Our professionals can quickly investigate the problem, locate its source, and fix your vehicle in a jiffy. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve worked with hundreds of different car brands and models and completed thousands of clutch replacements.

Clutch master cylinder​

Clutch master cylinder

Your vehicle’s clutch is a much more complex system than many drivers think it to be. It’s much more than the pedal you press when you need to shift gears. Moreover, behind your pedals are cylinders, including the clutch master cylinder. It’s essentially a part of the hydraulic system that creates pressure and works like a hydraulic pump.
Your clutch might require more force or feel too soft when the master cylinder malfunctions. You’ll probably have difficulties changing gears, too. However, we can fix these issues at Dependable Car Care by repairing or replacing your clutch master cylinder.

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Clutch slave cylinder​

Clutch slave cylinder

When you apply the force on your clutch inside the cabin, it is first applied to a clutch master cylinder, which amplifies the input, and sends it to the clutch slave cylinder.
The clutch slave cylinder amplifies the force and sends it to the clutch fork, separating the friction plate from the flywheel. You can imagine that the friction plate and the flywheel need massive power to be disconnected.
That’s why clutch master and slave cylinders exist, and if they malfunction, they can be a pain to work on. However, it’s not anything Dependable Car Care’s mechanics can’t handle.

Clutch disc​

Clutch disc

Each time you press the clutch pedal, the disc syncs up with the pressure plate and the flywheel. These metal parts connect and become one, and you change gears. Since that’s happening each time, the clutch disc is constantly exposed to high heat and grinding, and you can quickly wear it out.
It’ll undoubtedly show you signs of wear, including challenging gear shifts, grinding noises, the clutch being soft or sinking entirely, and even a burning smell. However, it’s not anything that Dependable Car Care’s mechanics can’t fix. So, get the car to us if you notice these signs.

Clutch pressure plate​

Clutch pressure plate

The clutch pressure plate is one of three essential metal discs for changing gears and helps the engine’s and transmission’s rotations sync up. Pressing the clutch pedal connects the flywheel, a part linked to the engine’s crankshaft, through the clutch disc, and to the clutch pressure plate.
As the name suggests, the pressure plate applies pressure to the clutch disc to transfer torque. You can imagine the stress constantly laid on these parts, so you must adequately maintain them to keep them working correctly.
Fortunately, Dependable Car Care offers clutch pressure plate maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

Throw out bearing​

Throw out bearing

Your vehicle’s engine and transmission are constantly connected, spinning at the same RPM. Each time you accelerate, the engine transfers that power to the transmission, which transmits it to the wheels. However, during gear changes, you temporarily break this connection.
The part responsible for disengaging is called a throw-out bearing, and if it becomes faulty, it can damage your pressure plate. You’ll hear odd noises, have difficulties shifting, and your clutch will feel different.
If you notice these issues, take the car to Dependable Car Care’s garage, where we can inspect your throw-out bearing and replace it if needed.

Pilot bearing​

Pilot bearing

The pilot bearing, or sometimes pilot bushing, is vital to your car’s clutch. It sits at the end of the engine’s crankshaft and in the middle of the flywheel, keeping your transmission’s input shaft in place.
Bad pilot bearings won’t keep the transmission input shaft in place. The transmission shaft can move, which causes the transmission to pop out of gear. Moreover, a bad pilot bearing can significantly damage your car’s clutch.
Fortunately, automatic car owners don’t have to worry about this part. However, manual car owners can replace a faulty pilot bearing at Dependable Car Care after we thoroughly inspect it.

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Vehicles with manual transmission use a three-part system of large, spinning metal discs that connect the engine’s rotation to the transmission, and the flywheel is one of those parts. It sits at the end of the engine’s crankshaft, engaging and disengaging the transmission.
Since the average driver presses the clutch hundreds of times daily, all three metal discs, including the flywheel, grind against each other, wearing out over time.
Manual car owners must replace the flywheel occasionally, and Dependable Car Care offers such a service. Get the car to our mechanics, who’ll inspect the flywheel and determine if it needs replacing.

Flywheel resurface

As the flywheel is a significant component of a manual car’s transmission setup, its health is vital to daily driving and gear changes. The part is made to last, despite experiencing heat and grinding, but it also needs to be replaced occasionally.
However, sometimes it can continue without a replacement, and all it needs is resurfacing. You should do that each time you replace the vehicle’s clutch. Otherwise, the new clutch won’t last long.
Dependable Car Care offers flywheel resurfacing, where we remove your flywheel and thoroughly clean and grind it. That gives your flywheel a new surface, hence the name.

Automatic transmission replace​

Automatic transmission replace

Your vehicle’s transmission is as crucial as your car’s engine. Without it, your car wouldn’t be able to move, no matter the engine’s power.
However, transmissions wear out over time and don’t work as well, making your car jittery and your upshifts sudden. For example, automatic transmissions last around seven years or approximately 150,000 to 200,000 miles. After that point, they need a full-on replacement, which is a service that Dependable Car Care offers.
If you own an automatic car and suspect your transmission is gone, you can get the car to our mechanics for a replacement.

Automatic transmission reseal​

Automatic transmission reseal

Jittery gear shifts and problems with the transmission don’t necessarily have to mean that your automatic transmission is gone. A transmission leak can also sometimes cause massive issues, or the car might require a simple automatic transmission fluid change.
Whether you need an automatic transmission fluid change or anything else, you can take the vehicle to Dependable Car Care, where experts with over 20 years of experience can thoroughly examine your car’s transmission.
The transmission might need a reseal service, which is simple and cheaper, and we can do it for you after thoroughly examining the entire thing and finding the problem.

Manual transmission replace​

Manual transmission replace

If you own an internal combustion engine vehicle, it can either have an automatic or manual transmission. Its job is to transfer the power created by the engine to the wheels, effectively connecting these two parts.
However, like other car components, they require proper maintenance and care. Without regular maintenance, a transmission can fail and might need a replacement.
As manual transmissions are less complex than automatic ones, replacing the entire thing can be cheaper, and it’s something Dependable Car Care professionals can deal with. Whether it’s a clutch issue or something else, we offer such services and can replace the entire transmission.

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Manual transmission rebuild​

Manual transmission rebuild

A malfunctioning manual transmission doesn’t have to lead to the entire thing having to be replaced. Sometimes, you can continue enjoying your manual car for thousands of miles more with a manual transmission rebuild instead of a replacement.
If you take the vehicle to Dependable Car Care, we can thoroughly inspect the entire transmission and let you know if rebuilding is viable. If it is, it’s something that our mechanics can do quickly and efficiently.
Rebuilding the transmission can save you money, as fewer parts need a replacement, and the rest is adequately cleaned and assembled back.

Manual transmission reseal​

Manual transmission reseal

When you start noticing transmission issues in your manual vehicle, the best and the least expensive possibility you can hope for is that it needs a simple reseal.
Manual transmissions have fluid inside, lubricating your gears and other moving parts. However, that fluid can leak, causing transmission problems, and you’ll need to take your car to Dependable Car Care’s garage to fix it.
We offer manual transmission reseal services, where we flush the old transmission fluid, seal everything up, and recalibrate the transmission. Such a service is quicker and cheaper than rebuilding or replacing the entire transmission.

Manual transmission fluid service​

Manual transmission fluid service

As manual transmissions have fluids that lubricate internal parts, it’s essential to maintain those fluid levels and occasionally replace the old fluid. That can increase your manual transmission’s lifespan and ensure the vehicle shifts without shaking, sounds, or smells.
Depending on your vehicle manufacturer, you must change the transmission fluid in 30,000–60,000 mile intervals. However, you might have to do it every 15,000 miles in heavy use cases.
Fortunately, Dependable Car Care offers a manual transmission fluid service, where our mechanics can quickly drain and replace the old fluid with the new one.

Shifter cable​

Shifter repair

Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, you likely know what a shifter is. Both automatic and manual shifters work on a similar principle, and these parts connect you as the driver to the transmission in your vehicle.
Although they’re built to last long, these parts wear out over time, and like any other car component, they’ll sometimes need a repair.
You can fix shifter issues at Dependable Car Care, as we offer shifter repair services. All you have to do is get the car to our garage, and the experienced professionals will look into it and repair your shifter.

Shifter cable​

Shifter cable

Your vehicle’s shifter is connected to the transmission via cable, and it’s the cable’s job to put your car’s transmission into the gear you select on the shifter. Depending on whether your vehicle is automatic or manual, you might have one or two shifter cables, respectively.
Since these cables can snap, they can affect your ability to shift. For example, you might have challenges putting the car in neutral or shifting into certain gears.
Fear not, as a shifter cable isn’t a terrible or expensive fix, and Dependable Car Care’s mechanics can fix it quickly and efficiently.

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Shifter assembly​

Shifter assembly

Dependable Car Care offers a complete shifter assembly service, where we can fix any odd shifter noises and patch transmission oil leaks so you won’t have to google “transmission oil change near me” anymore. These weird noises include grinding, squealing, whirring, and thumping, and they’re a telltale sign that your shifter assembly is malfunctioning.
If you take the car to our garage, we’ll thoroughly inspect the entire shifter assembly, including shifter bolts, bushings, bearings, cables, linkages, and modules. When we find the cause of your problems, we’ll quickly replace any faulty parts and get your shifter assembly in perfect condition so you can enjoy your car for many more miles.

Shifter interlock​

Shifter interlock

Automatic car owners might be familiar with the shifter’s clicking sound as you step on the brake pedal before you move the shifter. The mechanism producing the click is the shifter interlock, which lets you unlock the lever.
It keeps the driver from shifting out of Park without the brake pedal, and if it malfunctions, you won’t be able to move your automatic car from Park, and you won’t be able to drive.
That’s when you should tow the car to Dependable Car Care, where we’ll disconnect your car’s battery, replace the shifter interlock, and reconnect everything back.

CVT transmission service​

CVT transmission service

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is a modern take on automatic transmissions, which they’re similar to. Although there are different kinds of CVTs, and some might have launch gear, they all function similarly, and you’ll need the same CVT transmission service.
However, such a system can malfunction just as manuals and automatics can. When they start failing, you’ll likely feel poor engine acceleration, jerky upshifts, burning smells, and stalling.
Fortunately, Dependable Car Care offers a complete CVT transmission service regardless of the CVT type in your vehicle. We can fix any CVT issues, as our expert mechanics have dealt with many different transmissions for the past 20 years.

CVT transmission replace​

CVT transmission replace

CVTs often last much less than standard automatic transmissions. However, depending on your driving style, the use of recommended lubricants, and vehicle maintenance intervals, a CVT might last you for over 200,000 miles.
Moreover, CVTs can be highly complex and relatively expensive to fix since they’re a newer technology that lowers fuel consumption, ensures a smooth ride, and is perfect for heavy traffic. That’s why you want to maintain it as much as possible and drive without abusing the transmission.
However, Dependable Car Care’s professionals can quickly and efficiently replace your vehicle’s CVT if it fails.

Transmission oil cooler flush​

Transmission oil cooler flush

Since your car’s transmission creates significant friction when it engages and changes gears, the oil inside it can heat up to over 200 F. These are very high temperatures, and it’s why cars have transmission oil coolers.
However, you can fill these oil coolers with dirt, grease, and metal shavings over time. They need occasional cleaning, mainly if you’ve rebuilt or replaced the entire transmission.
Dependable Car Care does transmission oil cooler flushing, and you should do so if you hear any whirring, whining, or a noisy neutral. We can also fix all your “transmission oil change near me” search-related issues.

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Transmission oil cooler lines​

Transmission oil cooler lines

Like transmission oil coolers, the lines that transfer the oil from the transmission to the cooler can get clogged. They’re constantly moving oil back and forth, and that oil can be full of metal shavings from grinding gears. Moreover, over time, a build-up of dirt and smudge is unavoidable.
Transmission oil cooler lines need proper cleaning from time to time. To clean it, you can take the car to Dependable Car Care’s mechanics, where we can flush the entire transmission oil cooler system, including the oil lines. We’ll get your transmission oil cooler lines in their original shape.

Transmission oil cooler replace​

Transmission oil cooler replace

Depending on how often you change your vehicle’s transmission fluid and filters and the type of fluid you pour in, the transmission oil cooler can last 100,000 to 200,000 miles.
When you start noticing problems such as coolant leaking, coolant and oil mixing, or oil getting inside the vehicle’s cooling system, it’s time to take the vehicle to Dependable Car Care for a transmission oil cooler replacement.
Our experienced mechanics have been dealing with oil coolers for years, and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we can quickly replace your oil cooler.

Transmission mounts​

Transmission mounts

Your car’s transmission is held in place by various transmission mounts all over the vehicle. These mounts often have rubber bushings bolted to brackets, keeping the transmission from moving too much.
When they become old, they lose their integrity, and your car might start vibrating more. You’ll likely hear various clunking noises during gear shifts, and your transmission might become difficult to put into gear.
Fortunately, it’s not anything Dependable Car Care’s experts can’t fix. All you have to do is take the car to us, and we’ll thoroughly examine your transmission mounts and repair the ones that need it.

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