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The steering and suspension systems in your car are critical when it comes to safety and stability. At Dependable Car Care, we know how important it is to corner properly without your vehicle rolling. Going over bumps shouldn’t feel like your car is rolling on concrete wheels, whether you’re driving a pickup, SUV, or a family sedan. 

Maintaining your steering and suspension systems make your ride smoother, safer, and stabler, giving your vehicle the balance it needs to drive confidently. We know how important it is for these systems to work together, and when you bring your car, we’ll diagnose all the elements ensuring perfect balance.

At Dependable Car Care, we offer comprehensive Steering and suspension services in Ventura County, keeping your car in pristine condition. Learn more about the specific types of Steering and suspension we offer below.

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Air suspension and ride control​

Air suspension and ride control

Cars with air suspension and electronic ride control give you a comfortable and cushy ride, but these systems don’t last forever. Sadly, most car repair shops don’t have the knowledge or patience to work on air suspensions, and they usually replace the whole system altogether, which can be costly.
The majority of problems come down to air leaks. At Dependable Car Care, we can take the time to detect those air leaks and provide aftermarket electronic compressors and air struts that will let your vehicle glide once again.
We can handle all electrical air ride issues, including compressors, relays, module control circuits, air spring solenoids, and height sensors.

Diagnose steering concern​

Diagnose steering concern

Your steering system is one of your car’s most important safety systems. If your steering wheel “sticks,” is difficult to turn, or feels “jerky,” we recommend coming to Dependable Car Care for a complete diagnosis. Worn and loose parts in the steering system cause these issues and make it difficult to control the vehicle while exhausting the driver.
Most newer cars can detect steering problems and show various codes. But sometimes, the car won’t warn you something is wrong unless the whole power system isn’t working. That’s why we inspect all of the elements that affect steering, including:

  • Torque sensors
  • Alignment issues
  • Tires
  • Speed sensors
  • Steering ECU
  • Colum shaft
  • The rack-pump-column
If you want to check the alignment shop near me, make sure to contact us!

Diagnose suspension concern​

Diagnose suspension concern

Even though air suspension systems are the most complicated to work with, other types of suspension also need to be appropriately maintained. Most suspension systems have springs, pull rods, leaf springs, torsion bars, struts, and shocks.
If your car is slumped when parked, wheels wear unevenly, rolls excessively when turning, or makes strange noises; we suggest thoroughly diagnosing the suspension system. We can make a complete diagnosis of the electrical elements and the mechanical parts.

Alignment ​


Tire alignment or car wheel alignment is just one of the suspension system services we offer at Dependable Car Care. When performing tire alignment, we are concerned with caster, toe, and camber alignment. At the same time, we also offer wheel balancing as part of tire alignment to ensure your car is running correctly.
Some of the common signs of poor alignment and balance include:

  • Vibrating steering wheel
  • Off-center steering while driving in a straight line
  • Vehicle pulling to one side
  • Uneven tire wear
If you notice any of these signs, feel free to visit Dependable Car Care and get a diagnosis of the problem. If you’re struggling to find wheel alignment near me, make sure to contact us!

Four wheel alignment​

Four wheel alignment

Two-wheel alignment refers to rear-end alignment or front-end alignment. If our technicians notice problems with how your car runs even after doing one of the two, they will adjust the caster, toe, and camber on all wheels.
Even if the front suspension and rear suspension are aligned independently, this doesn’t mean they’re aligned with each other. Creating a perfect balance is essential so your vehicle is more stable and parts of the suspension aren’t getting worn out.
For more information on 4 wheel alignment near me, or wheel balancing near me, make sure to contact us!

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Power steering pump​

Power steering pump

The power steering pump is a part of any modern car. It uses hydraulics to make your steering easier. The pump pressurizes and circulates the steering flood to turn the wheel. It helps drivers steer easily without putting in much effort or pressure.
If your steering is more difficult, you hear noises when turning the wheel, or the RPMs go up, you might have steering pump issues. At Dependable Car Care, we can accurately pinpoint the exact issue and make the necessary repairs.
Bring your car to us as quickly as possible because if your steering pump leaks, it might damage the whole system and make replacements even more expensive.

Power steering hose​

Power steering hose

Fluid inspection is a vital part of any power steering inspection. It shows whether there are any indications that your power steering hose might be deteriorating from the inside from all the high-temperature pulsations.
A deteriorating power steering hose could lead to a power steering system malfunction. Power steering fluid is also extremely flammable, so a leaking power steering hose could wreak havoc on your vehicle, causing the loss of power steering that can lead to an accident.
At Dependable Car Care, we’ll perform a series of inspections to look for signs of deterioration, such as abrasion, bulges, softness, flaking, cracking, leaks, and corrosion.

Power steering gear​

Power steering gear​

The power steering gear makes your vehicle’s steering wheel easier to manage. If the gear becomes damaged or worn out, you’ll notice difficulties when turning the steering wheel – it will feel uneven and sloppy.
You can also tell there’s a problem with a power steering gear if you notice fluid leakage from underneath your car. Proper steering is critical to your safety. It keeps you and other drivers safe on the road.
If you suspect your power steering gear needs replacement, Dependable Car Care is the perfect place to do it. Our experienced and well-trained mechanics will check your steering system and assess the condition of your steering system before taking any further action.

Power steering fluid

Facing issues with power steering is a problem that every driver must experience sooner or later. The steering becomes too stiff or too loose. These are the first warnings that you should check the power steering fluid.
Although each car has unique requirements, it’s a rule of thumb to change the steering fluid every 80,000 miles or every two years.
At Dependable Car Care, our auto repair experts can inspect the condition of your power steering fluid and ascertain if it needs to be replaced. We’ll check your fluid, steering comfort, vehicle’s health, and the fluid pump to ensure everything is in order.

Inner tie rod​

Power steering fluid leak

Power steering allows you to easily operate your car. It provides control on straightaways and curves and offers assistance when making sudden turns. However, the power steering system needs a steady supply of power steering fluid to help you maintain control of your car and keep you safe while driving.
The power steering fluid leak could cause you to lose control of your vehicle and get into an accident. Since the power steering system degrades and ages over time, just like any other component in your car, it needs regular maintenance and inspection.
That’s where Dependable Car Care comes into the picture. We provide power steering system maintenance, inspection, and repair services to ensure your car gets back in shape.

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Power steering rack and pinion​

Power steering rack and pinion

Over time, components in your power steering system start to deteriorate and become more subject to wear and tear due to frequent usage. Worn-out steering tack and pinion can cause loose fittings and subject the steering system to leaking.
Leaking can occur either through cracks in the flexible lines and rubber hoses or at the connection points.
There are three leading causes of leaking rack and pinion:

  • Cracked rubber lines and hoses
  • Loosened connections
  • Cracked seals between the rack and pinion and the steering column.
At Dependable Car Care, our trained mechanics will check the seals, connections, hoses, and lines to ensure your car’s power steering rack and pinion are in order.

Steering linkage​

Steering linkage

If you’ve noticed clunking or knocking sound, looseness or vibration in your steering wheel, and uneven tire wear, you might be facing a problem with the steering linkage. It can cause your car to come out of alignment. For more information on car alignment near me, make sure to contact us!
If you experience any of these signs, it’s time to turn to a qualified auto repair shop and mitigate the problem before it escalates beyond repair. A failing steering linkage can cause you to lose control over your card on the road.
At Dependable Car Care, our qualified technicians will check your power steering system for damage and wear and tear to assess the condition of your system and provide advice on the best course of action.

Inner tie rod​

Inner tie rod

The suspension and steering system on your vehicle is one of the most vital and complex. The system is made of many critical components, such as tie rods. An inner tie rod enables steering by connecting the steering system to the front wheels.
It’s responsible for responsive and smooth steering. However, a worn-out inner tie rod can make steering difficult, causing loud clunking noise and unpleasant vibrations.
If left untreated, a bad inner tie rod can lead to uneven tire wear, poor vehicle alignment, and unresponsive steering. If you bring your car to our shop, we’ll handle all these problems and help you avoid a costly replacement.

Outer tie rod

You can’t control your vehicle on the road without the inner and outer tie rods. If you think the time is right to check the outer tie rod, visit Dependable Car Care.
We can help you diagnose outer tie rod issues by having our technicians check your vehicle for any symptoms of suspension and steering component failure. The outer tie rod will need repair or replacement if it is physically damaged or loose.
In addition, we’ll also check for signs of power steering fluid leakage in the steering rack to ascertain whether it needs to be replaced.

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Track bar ​

Track bar

Although the track bar is one of the sturdiest components in the steering system, it’s subject to regular wear and tear, like all other mechanical parts. Since the track bar is critical for the safe and enjoyable operation of your car, it requires regular inspection and maintenance.
A failed track bar can impact your car in various ways and cause multiple problems, such as:

  • It can make it hard to handle your vehicle
  • Steering problems
  • Unresponsive brakes
  • Uncontrollable acceleration.
If the track bar fails or suffers damage, it should display multiple symptoms and warning signs. That should be a clear alert to you that it needs repair.

Idler arm​

Idler arm

The idler arm assembly keeps the steering linkage in order by providing critical support. Although a durable mechanical part, the idler arm requires proper maintenance to give your steering system its maximum.
A bad idler arm can cause multiple steering problems, such as poor steering and drifting while driving. More importantly, it can cause you to lose all steering in your car and become a hazard on the road.
Since the pivot function makes the idler arm more prone to wear and tear, you should regularly check it for warning signs. Our Dependable Car Care technicians can inspect your idler arm to check for any irregularities and perform repair or replacement, depending on the condition of the part.

Pitman arm​

Pitman arm

The Pitman arm is a robust part of your vehicle. It could last a long time if given proper maintenance. This component is vital to the overall health of your steering system. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to steer your vehicle.
However, if your driving habits include driving in harsh conditions, this part might deteriorate before its time.
Bring your car to the Dependable Car Care auto repair shop if you notice any of the following symptoms of a bad Pitman arm:

  • Excessive play in the steering;
  • Slipping or irregular steering;
  • Wandering or inexact steering.

Pitman seal​

Pitman seal

The Pitman arm is a mechanical part directly connected to your car’s gearbox. It’s responsible for the steering capabilities, allowing your car to turn easily. The seal’s job is to prevent the power steering fluid from exiting the gearbox and entering the Pitman arm.
However, the seal is subject to wear and tear and can easily break, causing the power steering fluid to leak. This fluid leak can cause the Pitman arm to malfunction resulting in all kinds of steering problems.
Fortunately, fixing the Pitman seal doesn’t have to be tedious or costly. At Dependable Car Care, we have the right equipment to patch or replace the Pitman seal, depending on your situation.

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Stabilizer bar​

Stabilizer bar

The stabilizer bar links on your vehicle give you control of your car’s steering system by preventing body roll. Keeping your sway bar links intact is paramount to your overall safety on the road. Therefore, you should regularly check them for any irregularities, damage, etc.
If you find any broken links, contact our technicians at Dependable Car Care to receive comprehensive service and ensure your vehicle gets a long and prosperous operating life.
We recommend checking the stabilizer bar whenever you take the car in for suspension work or wheel alignment. If our mechanics find a broken or loose bar link, they will replace it immediately.

Stabilizer bar bushings​

Stabilizer bar bushings

If you notice any clunking, squeaking, grinding, or knocking noises while operating your car, it may be time to replace your stabilizer bar bushings. Stabilizer bar bushings are subject to regular wear and tear and can get physically damaged due to dislodgement, looseness, cuts, etc.
The type of noise may indicate different problems with the bushings. Dried-out and worn bushings will give you a squeaking sound, while missing bushings make a clunking or grinding noise while driving.
At Dependable Car Care, we can replace your bushings to ensure your vehicle operates at maximum performance on any road.

Stabilizer link pins​

Stabilizer link pins

Every vehicle has two sway bars placed in the front and in the rear. They are connected to your vehicle’s suspension with stabilizer link pins. These pins allow you to make a turn without rolling over. If they get damaged, it could cause numerous problems.
If your car starts to handle more poorly than before, that may be a sign you need to replace the stabilizer link pins. Schedule regular car maintenance at Dependable Car Care to ensure your vehicle is always in top shape.
Regular maintenance can save you time, effort, and money by identifying and fixing problems before they go beyond repair.

Front Strut cartridge

You should check the front strut cartridge once a year to assess its condition and ensure it operates at total capacity. The best moment to do it would be when you go for a wheel alignment. Under normal circumstances, the strut cartridge or the shock absorber can deteriorate over time due to gradual wear and tear.
A failing strut cartridge will manifest itself by causing incremental losses in vehicle control, wheel handling, and ride quality. At Dependable Car Care, we perform top-grade front strut cartridge service, including inspection, diagnostics, and replacement. Bring your car to us, and we’ll get it back in shape in no time.

Front Strut assembly​

Front Strut assembly

Front strut assembly ensures a smooth ride by improving the dynamics of your vehicle. It also ensures superior performance of your car and extended life service. Front strut assembly reduces engine noise and absorbs road impacts, thus empowering your vehicle for consistent long-term performance.
Although corrosion-resistant, it’s subject to damage and wear and tear over time. When your car’s front strut assembly fails, the car starts losing the road-holding force, causing the vehicle to bounce. This bouncing can render your car unsafe on the road, leading to accelerated tire wear and increased fuel consumption. At Dependable Car Care, we can prevent this from happening.

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Front Strut bearing plate​​

The front strut bearing plate is a durable mechanical part that plays a critical role in providing upper pivotal support for the steering of the vehicle. However, the strut bearing plate can’t last forever and is prone to wear from various factors like collision or impact damage, corrosion, long-term use, and more.
When the bearing plate fails, you’ll notice major changes in your vehicle’s behavior on the road, including uneven tire wear, alignment issues, stiff steering, clunking noises in turns and over bumps, etc. These are all clear signs that you should take your car for a ride to the auto repair shop.

Front Strut mount​

Front Strut mount

The inevitable failure of a car’s front strut mount can cause various symptoms, such as:

  • Excessive vibration
  • Strange noise
  • Accelerated deterioration of suspension parts
  • Rapid tire wear
  • Wandering steering
  • Poor vehicle handling
  • Clunking and grinding in the front end.
If the front strut mount fails completely, it could do much more than just affect your car’s ride quality. It can also increase the risk of exposing all suspension and steering components to premature wear and failure.
You can prevent all this and more by bringing your car to our Dependable Car Care auto repair shop, where your vehicle will receive top-grade maintenance and repair services.

Rear Strut mount​

Rear Strut cartridge

The rear strut cartridge is a critical part of your car’s suspension system. It’s in charge of keeping your car on the road. If a vehicle can’t maintain firm contact with the road, braking, handling, and steering can become virtually impossible.
The rear strut cartridge is vital to quality ride control and enables your car’s suspension system to perform the most critical functions, such as:

  • Control excessive tire and body movement
  • Reduce body sway, roll, and bounce
  • Reduce acceleration and brake squat
  • Improve consistent braking and handling
  • Maintain wheel alignment.
These are more than good reasons to keep your rear strut cartridge in pristine condition. If you need proper care for your car’s suspension system, Dependable Car Care can provide every service you need and more.

Rear Strut assembly​

Rear Strut assembly

The rear strut assembly in your vehicle plays two critical roles in the operability and safety of your car. First, it supports the stability, weight, and height of your car. Second, it acts as a shock absorber, which dampens vibrations coming from the road.
Without it, your car can’t receive the necessary structural support for the suspension system, causing the rear end of the vehicle to go out of alignment.
The signs of a worn rear strut assembly include nose dive when breaking, bumpy ride, vehicle swaying or rolling when turning, uneven tire, wear, etc. At Dependable Car Care, you can easily get rid of these problems.

Rear Strut bearing plate​

Rear Strut bearing plate

Like all other parts in your vehicle’s steering and suspension system, rear strut bearing plates can fail and cause your entire strut mount to go faulty.
Since it’s better to avoid this as it could lead to costly repairs, you can tell whether you’re dealing with a faulty strut mount by noticing these symptoms:

  • Uneven or premature tire wear
  • Accelerated deterioration of rear shock absorbers
  • Excessive noise and vibration
  • Poor tire and wheel alignment
  • Out-of-sync steering return.
At Dependable Car Care, we’ll take your vehicle through a detailed visual inspection to identify possible damage or wear and ascertain the best course of action.

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Rear Strut mount​

Rear Strut mount

The rear strut mount is an integral component of your vehicle’s suspension system. Keeping it in top shape is paramount for improving the safety of your car on the road. The rear strut mount enables your vehicle to deliver a smooth ride by ensuring your stability, stopping, and steering aren’t compromised in any way.
In other words, this part requires special attention and care as a worn rear strut mount could make car control under adverse conditions difficult. You can avoid this and many other problems by bringing your vehicle to our Dependable Car Care auto repair shop, where your car can receive the care it deserves.

Coil spring​

Coil spring

At Dependable Car Car, we have long years of expertise, trained staff, and the right equipment to ensure the longest life span of your vehicle’s steering and suspension system. We’ll run a series of tests to diagnose system problems, including coil spring irregularities, damage, and wear.
If we find a broken coil spring in your vehicle, the best thing to do is to replace it. However, you can avoid costly intervention by ensuring your vehicle receives the maintenance it needs. Regular maintenance prolongs the lifespan of every mechanical part and component in your vehicle, coil springs included.

Leaf spring​

Leaf spring

Over time, the leaf spring can get loose. It can either sag or lose shape. An uneven sag can impact vehicle handling by impacting the gross weight of the car. Leaving such a problem untreated could cause numerous problems, including negative oscillations in the axle-to-mount angle.
A bad leaf spring can also impact the condition of other parts and systems, leading to costly repairs. In the worst-case scenario, you could even face a total loss of your car.
You can avoid all this by providing your vehicle with regular maintenance to ensure it receives the necessary care to stay in the best shape possible. At Dependable Car Care, we can handle your every need and provide the service you expect at the most competitive prices.

Steering angle sensor​

Steering angle sensor

When the steering angle sensor gets damaged, misaligned, or faulty, it can misinterpret the information and send inaccurate data to your vehicle’s computer. A bad sensor can cause your car’s ESP to provide untimely steering adjustments and input.
It can also cause the steering system to become irresponsive or respond the wrong way. Having complete control over the steering and suspension system is crucial for the safe operation of your car.
If you notice any of these irregularities, contact Dependable Car Care and have our experienced and well-trained mechanics inspect your steering system to identify and fix problems before they cause more damage.

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