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Front and Rear Differential Service

If you can feel your vehicle vibrating or hear unusual sounds at higher speeds, it’s time to get your drivetrain checked. Most car owners couldn’t name it, but the drivetrain is one of the key mechanisms that ensure your vehicle remains safe and operational. 

A car’s drivetrain is responsible for delivering the power from the engine to the wheels. It’s a complex mechanism involving many components, some of them small and delicate. The three main parts of the drivetrain are the differential, transmission, and drive shaft, so looking for a differential shop near me or automotive rear end repair near me is your best option here. 

The drivetrain is an intricate system that requires comprehensive diagnostics and a holistic approach rather than quick lube service. Our job at Dependable Car Care is to determine and remove the root problem but also do a health check on the entire system. 

We’ll keep your car dependable for many miles to come.

At Dependable Car Care, we offer comprehensive Drive Train services in Ventura County, keeping your car in pristine condition. Learn more about the specific types of Drive Train we offer below.

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Diagnose drivetrain concern/noise

Many of our customers come to Dependable Car Care because of the unusual noise they can’t identify. In most cases, our diagnostics show that unusual noise and vibration at high speeds indicate an issue with one of the drivetrain’s components.
Sometimes, weird noises and vibrations are followed by difficulty turning and shifting gears and a burning smell. Neither of these symptoms should be ignored, as they could lead to costlier repairs down the line. Stop by, and we will tell you what’s wrong.

Differential service​

Differential service

As one of the three main components in your car’s drivetrain, the differential plays a responsible role in adjusting the speed of the front and rear wheels. Like your engine, the differential uses oil. The oil in the differential should be changed every 50,000 miles.
The differential service implies draining the old, contaminated fluid from the differentials - both front and rear - and replacing it with new fluid. That calls for skill and finesse since the differential can get overfilled, in which case the axle seals must be replaced.

Differential repair​

Differential repair

When a differential suffers significant damage, regular differential service is no longer enough. At that point, you need to start looking for differential specialist near me. The vehicle should be driven in for diagnostics and differential repair. There are many different things that can cause damage to the differential, resulting in a myriad of repair scenarios.
Because differential repair can range from replacing a seal to doing a complete rebuild, having your car inspected by a dependable professional is paramount. People look for differential repair near me or differential mechanic near me quite often, and while detecting the root problem requires a lot of experience, we’re more than equipped for that.

Ring and pinion gear replacement

Ring and pinion gear replacement

A ring and pinion gear set enables the engine to transmit the power it generates to the wheels. Keeping them healthy is super-important for the economy and performance of your vehicle. If you can hear a clunking sound every few feet, it’s time for ring and pinion gear replacement.
While it’s possible to change your ring and pinion gear by yourself, we wouldn’t recommend it. Choosing the best set for your needs and budget is never easy without professional help, not to mention installing them correctly. You’ll need expert hands and advice.

Transfer case diagnosis and repair​​​

Transfer case diagnosis and repair​​

The transfer case is a mechanical device adjacent to the differential. It, too, participates in distributing power from the engine to the wheels, but its specialty is traction. There are various different transfer cases, depending on the vehicle type and manufacturer.
A broken transfer case triggers the same alarms as other drivetrain components - strange noises or smells and difficulty shifting gears or turning. You can’t be sure it is broken without proper inspection, and you shouldn’t be driving until you’re sure it’s healthy.

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Transfer case service​

Transfer case service

With regular maintenance, most transfer cases are built to last a lifetime of the vehicle. Fixing a broken transfer case could require a complicated and expensive operation, but servicing a healthy one is much simpler – an inspection and oil change is all it takes.
On average, car manufacturers recommend a transfer case fluid service every 30,000 miles. A transfer case oil change can be more or less challenging, depending on the vehicle type and manufacturer, but amateur work could result in heavy transfer case damage.

Transfer case reseal​

Transfer case reseal

If you notice a leak from underneath your car, you should have it checked and repaired as soon as possible. Most car owners can’t tell where the leak is coming from, which makes professional service even more critical. All car leaks are more or less urgent.
The leak might be coming from the transfer case. If this is the case, a technician should inspect your car to determine the cause and reseal the transfer case. But even more importantly, the entire drivetrain should be checked for possible damages from the leak.

Axle shaft seal

Axle shaft seal

The axle shaft seal is a doughnut-shaped piece of rubber that plays a significant part in the functioning of your car’s drivetrain. As its name suggests, it seals the axle entry point, thus preventing possible leaks. At the same time, the axle shaft seal makes axle rotation possible.
If your car needs a new axle shaft seal, you’ll have no problem finding a good one. The bigger challenge is determining whether or not your car needs one, as well as choosing the right kind for your vehicle and replacing it properly. That’s a job for an experienced professional.

Axle shaft Replace

Axle shaft replace

Also called the CV axle or half-shaft, the axle shaft is a mechanical assembly that consists of a long rod, CV joints at the end, and protective boots that keep the lubricant for the joints contained. Each of these components is exposed and vulnerable to harsh driving conditions.
Typically, you wouldn’t notice a damaged axle shaft until it starts leaking from the joints or the entire rod falls out of place. By the time this happens, the axle shaft will be broken and in need of replacement. We can do that, but we can also help you prevent the next failure.

Axle bearing replace​

Axle bearing replace

You’ll find volumes after volumes of “expert” instruction on how to replace axle bearings at home. There’s a reason for this – nearly all car manufacturers use a different technique for holding the axles in place. Figuring out how to remove them takes days – if not weeks.
And that’s only half the job. If you commit to this task, you’ll still have to remove old axle bearings and perform an axle bearing installation. It’s much easier – not to mention safer for both the car and its passengers – to pay us a visit and have our technician replace axle bearings in a few hours.

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Pinion bearing replace​

Pinion bearing replace

Whirring noises, vibrations, gear grinding, and sometimes tire damage all indicate that your car’s pinion bearing is broken and should be replaced. Pinion bearings break due to corrosion, contamination, lack of adequate lubrication, and improper alignment or mounting.
To avoid changing your pinion bearing every couple of thousand miles, a professional should check and replace it if necessary. Otherwise, ignoring a broken pinion bearing could result in heavy, irreversible damage to the pinion, axle, and other differential components.

Pinion seal replace​

Pinion seal replace

The pinion can leak, too, letting dirt and debris into the bearing and gear through a broken seal. That can then contaminate the differential and damage the axle. If you notice a leak along with other symptoms like strange noises, vibration, and smell, it’s time to give us a call.
Car leaks happen all the time and for many different reasons, but they shouldn’t be underestimated. Our technicians at Dependable Car Care will replace your pinion seal in a heartbeat, but they will also check the differential for possible damages and give maintenance advice.

Drive shaft replace

Carrier bearings replace

Carrier bearings connect different drive shaft components, keeping them in place and ensuring they can sustain rocky terrains and harsh driving conditions. These components must be properly and firmly positioned to minimize noise, vibration, and energy loss.
Because most carrier bearings are so durable that they outlive the vehicle, replacement is a complicated operation that requires skill and experience. We can do that for you. Also, we can explain how to grease carrier bearings, as they usually break for the lack of lubrication.

CV Axle replace​

CV Axle replace

Every time you take a turn, your car’s CV axles come under a lot of stress. Not only are they responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels at extreme angles, but they are also very much exposed to dirt, debris, and all types of harsh conditions.
No CV axle is sturdy enough to resist the intensity of continuous strain, so this is the part you’ll likely have to replace multiple times during your vehicle’s lifetime. We can help extend the durability of your CV axles by recommending less-known maintenance tricks.

CV Boot replace​

CV Boot replace

CV boots are rubber caps that protect CV joints located at both ends of the CV axle. Since CV joints need a lubricant to carry their part of the weight in the proper functioning of the axle, it’s the job of CV boots to seal off this lubricant and prevent possible leaks.
Like CV axles, CV boots tend to deteriorate and rot over time. Though small and seemingly insignificant, this wear and tear can contaminate CV joints and cause them and the entire axle to break down. We can replace your CV boots and prevent this from happening again.

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Drive shaft replace

Drive shaft replace

The draft shaft is responsible for transmitting torque - the twisting force produced by the engine - to the wheels. It is a long rod connecting to the transmission and differential. Every drive shaft issue is a potential issue with transmission and differential.
If you can feel vibrations under your seat, you shouldn’t keep driving for long. It’s very likely that your drive shaft is broken and needs to be repaired or you may even need a drive shaft joint replacement. A professional will be able to estimate the amount of damage and recommend the best course of action.

Drive shaft rebuild​

Drive shaft rebuild

The drive shaft is an often neglected part of the vehicle, but it is just as important as the transmission and differentials. A broken drive shaft can leave you stranded on the road, damage other parts of your drivetrain, or even lead to the loss of control of the vehicle.
In many scenarios, the drive shaft will disconnect from the rest of the drivetrain and start dragging down the road. But if the rod is intact and has no damage, it doesn’t have to be replaced. We can rebuild it instead and keep it functioning and safe.

Drive shaft balance​

Drive shaft balance

The drive shaft plays a responsible role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the drivetrain, but it has to be properly balanced to do that. An out-of-balance drive shaft can cause performance issues and be dangerous and destructive for the entire vehicle.
Proper drive shaft balance depends on the vehicle type and manufacturer, but the principle is always the same - the torque produced by the engine and transmission must be equal to the drive shaft’s spinning speed. Our technicians will make sure this balance is optimal.

U-joint replace​

U-joint replace

The U-joints connect the drive shaft to the transmission and differentials, keeping your car’s drivetrain together. Because these components all depend on each other to keep functioning like a well-oiled machine, U-joint failure typically poses a significant problem.
There are a couple of ways to replace worn-out U-joints. Our experienced technicians will choose the most effective approach based on the vehicle type and damage, inspecting the condition of the drivetrain in the process to make sure they aren’t impaired, too.

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