How Much Do Oil Changes Cost?

Quality Oil Changes save Major Money in Engine Repairs

Car maintenance is not cheap, but it saves a lot of money over the long haul. Regular oil changes are needed to prevent engine damage, which can run up to thousands of dollars. Compared to a $4,000 mechanical bill, the average of $120 a year is peanuts to keep the oil changed and the engine running cleanly and smoothly.

When you lift up the hood of your car, you can see how many parts are all connected to the engine. The moving parts and engine components create friction as your car travels down the street, and without proper lubrication, they will heat up fast. Regular oil changes maintain lubrication under the hood, which allows all the parts to work together smoothly and with a minimum of friction, which means your engine is less likely to overheat.

Oil changes and new filters also prevent dirty oil and dirt from fouling up your engine. Dust and dirt cause corrosion and decreases the life of the engine, and when oil gets old, it breaks down into a messy black sludge. Between the sludge and the dirt which piles up on an old air filter, you have a recipe for a big ticket disaster in your engine. Simply by making oil and filter changes part of your three to six-month car routine, however, you can keep the oil fresh and functional, and prevent dust and dirt particles from costing you big bucks down the road.

So the next time you find yourself begrudging the money spent on an oil change, remember how much you are not spending. To save even more money, you can find oil change coupons online or from your local auto shop. Many local car mechanics will mail oil change coupons to anyone in nearby zip codes as a way of encouraging new customers.

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