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11 Pro Tips to Boost Your Hybrid Car’s Mileage Per Liter!

Summary: Improving fuel economy saves you money and benefits the environment due to fewer carbon emissions. Not to mention, it reduces the nation’s dependence on oil. Therefore, the popularity of hybrid vehicles is on the rise today, with more and more motorists opting for them. The best part is that you can further boost their fuel economy. So, you can significantly cut your hybrid’s operating expenses. This blog post will unveil some of the tips and tricks you can follow to achieve cost savings while helping the environment.


  • Brake Slowly and Gently
  • Eco Mode for Fuel Efficiency
  • Keep the Hybrid Battery Charged
  • Lighten the Load of Your Hybrid Car
  • Limit the Use of Accessories
  • Reduce Your Speed
  • Go Easy on the Pedal
  • Utilize Cruise Control When Needed
  • Turn off the Vehicle
  • Check the Tire Pressure
  • Check the Alignment
  • Conclusion

Brake Slowly and Gently

Braking slowly comes with several benefits. First, it is gentle on the rotors and brake pads; thus, preventing premature wear and tear. It also enables the ABS system to produce more power for the hybrid battery. Once you step on the brake, the electric motor creates energy and converts it into electricity, which is stored in the battery. Thus, the need for fuel is eliminated.

Eco Mode for Fuel Efficiency

Most hybrid cars feature Eco mode that utilizes the vehicle’s sensor to automatically save gas or fuel. Though it limits the car’s efficiency, acceleration, and performance, it can help you achieve significant cost savings. However, always check to see if this mode is switched on to make the most of its benefits.

Keep the Hybrid Battery Charged

A well-charged hybrid battery helps you consume less gas. But how? It charges naturally and effortlessly through regenerative braking, which converts the energy into usable electricity. This is one of the best features of a hybrid, making it perfect for inflation.

Lighten the Load of Your Hybrid Car

Did you know that the load on your hybrid car lessens its mileage per fuel? The lighter its weight, the better fuel economy you will get. So, check the backseat and trunk for things that don’t need to be there and remove them. Not only will this free up your car’s space but will also help you cut costs.

Limit the Use of Accessories

Reducing the use of interior accessories like radio or air conditioning is another way to save on fuel. If it’s not scorching hot, open the windows to enjoy the breeze. You can also just plug in your earphones and listen to music via Bluetooth. If you don’t prefer these, then just leave it up to Eco mode, which automatically adjusts the setting of the air conditioner system and other accessories to save on power.

Reduce Your Speed

The efficiency of gas mileage tends to lessen above 50 miles per hour. According to experts, for every five miles per hour that goes beyond 50 miles per hour, you pay an equivalent of approximately 22 cents more for every gallon of fuel. While a hybrid car has its optimal speed for gas efficiency, speeding can lead to a 7 to 14 percent reduced fuel economy. Driving at a slower speed is proven to save you 22 to 43 cents for every gallon of gas.

So, avoid hard braking and speeding as they are culprits behind high fuel consumption on both hybrid and standard cars. With poor driving habits, your fuel economy can drop between 15 and 30 percent. Based on the national average of $3.09 for every gallon of regular gasoline, not driving like a car race driver leads to an equivalent gas savings of 31 cents up to $1. 24 for every gallon. Driving slowly is never taboo.

Utilize Cruise Control When Needed

According to experts, using cruise control under suitable conditions can boost fuel economy by up to 14 percent. That is a considerable savings of approximately 43 cents for every gallon. However, be mindful not to use it on hilly terrains.

Turn off the Vehicle

According to the United States Department of Energy, idling collectively uses a billion gallons of fuel yearly. We advise switching hybrid cars off if the anticipated wait is longer than ten seconds. That’s because an idling vehicle can burn as much as one gallon of fuel each hour.

Check the Tire Pressure

Car maintenance can go a long way in boosting gas mileage. The U.S. Department of Energy has released an article claiming that 1.25 billion gallons of gas—about 1 percent of total consumption—are wasted yearly on underinflated tires. These components can lose approximately two pounds for every square inch per month. Each tire underinflated by 10 PSI lessens fuel economy by roughly 3.3 percent. Meanwhile, four tires underinflated by 10 PSI would reduce fuel economy by a considerable 10 percent at an additional expense of 31 cents for every gallon.

Follow the guidelines in the car owner’s manual. These suggestions also appear on a sticker inside the door jamb on the driver’s side, which you can correlate with the markings on the tire.

check tire pressure ventur ca

Check the Alignment

Improper tire alignment can lessen fuel efficiency by 10 percent, which is approximately 31 cents for every gallon. What’s more, it can also wear down the tires quickly. You’ll know the tires are out of balance when there’s vibration in the steering wheel. Ensure your tires are balanced as well as rotated according to the car’s owner manual to improve fuel economy and overall driving performance.


Hybrid cars are a good investment as they offer more benefits than a standard car. Hence, they deserve tender loving care. If you feel that your vehicle needs a checkup, maintenance, or repair, contact Dependable Car Care. We have been providing top-notch auto repair services in Ventura, CA, and the surrounding areas for several years now. Whether you need hybrid battery repair or searching for a brake repair shop near me you can count on our certified and reliable team of mechanics.

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