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The Common Reasons Why Your Car Is Leaking Oil

Technological improvements are increasing the lifespan and even warranties of vehicles. In fact, the new standard is a 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty whereas it used to be three years and 36,000 miles.

However, you can’t expect your car to last its full life if you don’t have it maintained when necessary. One sure way to kill your vehicle fast is by avoiding leakage.

Read on to learn the common reasons a car is leaking oil and how to fix the problem.

Oil Pan Gasket

If your car is leaking oil, the first thing you should check is the oil pan gasket. This is the seal between the engine block and the oil pan.

If this location is leaking oil, you may need an entire replacement of the part.

Valve Cover Gasket

If the engine is leaking from the top, you probably have an issue with the valve cover gasket. You can find the piece protecting the components of the cylinder head.

A valve cover gasket works similarly to an oil pan gasket as it works to seal between the valve cover and cylinder head. You may have one or two valve covers depending on the type of engine in your vehicle.

For example, inline engines will have one and V-style engines will have two valve cover gaskets. This part may be causing an oil leak because of general wear and tear. If the entire gasket is covered in oil, you’ll need to replace it.

Oil Filter or Drain Plug

An oil leak in cars is often caused by the oil filter and drain plug. Both of the pieces are tampered with during an oil change which makes them more susceptible to leaks.

Crankshaft Seals

The crankshaft is an internal engine component that comes out from both ends of the engine. These seals can prevent oil from leaking on either side of the engine. However, leaks are still possible.

A small crankshaft leak is often an easy fix if caught quickly. Oil will begin to accumulate under the engine over time. A large leak is more visible as it shows up at the front of the engine.

Timing Cover

A car oil leak may also be caused by a timing cover that protects the timing chain. Some engines may use a timing belt, but modern vehicles typically don’t.

The timing cover gasket or seal will keep the oil inside the timing cover where it is supposed to be. However, if this part wears down over time, oil can escape and cause a leak.

Without the help of a professional mechanic, it may be difficult to determine if the leak is coming from the timing cover or timing cover gasket. To fix this leaking issue, one of the parts will need to be replaced.

Reasons Why Your Car Is Leaking Oil Explained

There are multiple reasons why your car is leaking oil so to get down to the bottom of it by taking your vehicle to a mechanic. Most of the time common car repairs can fix the issue in a jiff.

Whenever you notice your oil is leaking, opt for auto repairs as soon as possible. Our reliable mechanic services can help you with any oil leakage your vehicle is facing. Request an appointment with us now.