A Lost Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is a major part of maintaining the safety of your vehicle. If the car alignment has been lost, you are going to notice a difference in the way your car steers and handles on the road.

You may wonder exactly what will be different? You are going to notice that the steering is pulling to one side or the other. The steering wheel will also be off-center; it will look like it is turned even though you haven’t moved the vehicle yet. It is going to be harder to handle. You want the car to go one way and the vehicle wants to go another. You may also notice a shake or vibration in your vehicle.

Unfortunately, something as simple as a lost car alignment can increase the chances of being the cause of an accident.

Another issue to consider is that a poor wheel alignment will cost you money in tires too. If your vehicle is out of alignment the rubber tread is going to wear a lot faster. There will be wear on either the outside or the inside of the rubber. Sometimes if the car alignment has not been corrected it will wear the tires to the point the cords will break. If that happens, the tire is weak and could go blow out while driving down the highway.

Also, one other issue that could result from a lost wheel alignment is a negative effect on the suspension system of your vehicle. It will cause premature wear and tear on those components; loosen tie rods, ball bearings, and the struts or shocks.

Does your vehicle respond to your touch, or are you fighting it all the way down the road? You may have a poor car alignment issue.

If you think the wheel alignment has been lost on your vehicle, contact our ASE Certified technicians at Dependable Car Care today for more information about car alignment and to schedule an appointment. Our auto shop proudly serves residents in the community of Ventura, CA, and surrounding area.