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Clicking Noise in Car? Here’s What It Could Mean

In 2021, the average price of a new vehicle in the US reached over $40,000.

At that cost, repairing your car or truck is far more affordable than replacing it. If your issue is as simple as a clicking noise, that’s especially true.

Clicking noise in the car could be one of many issues, from your battery to your valves. Most of those issues require a professional to diagnose and fix, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing more about them. Read on to learn what could be wrong before taking your car to the professionals.

1. Battery

This is one cause of clicking noise in the car that you may be able to diagnose and fix yourself. You’ll know that the battery is the problem if the clicking noise is repeated.

You might have a dead battery if you left an interior light or forgot to turn off your headlights. If your battery is drained, all you need is a jump from another car.

If that doesn’t work, consider having your battery tested to see whether it’s holding a charge. And in the case that your battery is able to hold a charge, the problem might be with your alternator.

2. Oil

Your valvetrain components require lubrication in order to function properly. Without enough lubrication, those components can begin to cause noise.
Check your oil level. Low oil levels may be contributing to clicking noises in the engine and can be fixed with oil additives that top up your engine oil.

3. Heater

If you’re hearing a heater clicking noise in the car or clicking noise coming from deep within your dash, the problem is likely the blend door actuator. The actuators are either not positioned correctly, the gear may be stripped, or the actuator may be broken.

This may also cause problems with your heating and cooling system, and it’s not an easy fix.

4. Valves

In any vehicle, the distance between the cam or pushrod and the valves has to be precise. That precision is maintained using shims and other adjustments. As those components wear over time, they can begin to cause noises.

If you’re hearing a clicking noise while the engine is running, it might have to do with this valve issue. You may need to have the rocker arms adjusted and install new shims.

5. Rod Knock

If the clicking noise in a car occurs at a slow pace, you might have a big problem. A rod knock is a clicking noise that happens with the engine RPM and might occur once every revolution.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy thing to fix because it requires rebuilding your motor. Your mechanic can talk to you about your options if the clicking noise in your car is a rod knock.

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If you’re experiencing a clicking noise in car, it could be one of many issues. While diagnosing and fixing a dead battery is easy enough, issues like a rod knock or a valve adjustment are not.

Contact us to fix the problem before it gets worse.