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Watch for Signs of a Needed Oil Change!

We all know that regular oil changes are important. It’s preached that you should get an oil change roughly every 3,000 miles, depending on the make of your car. Yet some people neglect this and fail to see the benefits of timely oil changes.

Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to make sure that your car has regular oil changes:

Reason #1: Oil looses its effectiveness.

If you don’t change your oil on a regular basis, you will have trouble with other parts of your car. Unchanged oil will cause dirt to get in your engine and will make it basically unusable after a long period of time. It is generally advised to change it after 3,000 miles. As the oil keeps getting dirtier, you’ll notice more and more negative side affects on your engine.

Reason #2: Cools the engine.

Clean and clear oil cools the engine and enables all the parts to work together more fluently. You don’t want to risk erosion and have your car fall into disrepair.

Reason #3: Better gas mileage per the gallon.

It’s no secret that everyone loves a good deal, but did you know that you’ll get better gas mileage when you change the oil in your automobile more frequently? This is an easy way to save money. If you know that it is soon time for an oil change, you might as well go ahead and do it so you don’t need to worry about poor mileage.

When your oil isn’t changed properly it can lead to needing many repairs on your car. While oil changes aren’t necessarily the cheapest thing to perform on your car, they are better than replacing expensive car parts, so be sure to change your automobile oil frequently.

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