Muffler Too Loud?

The exhaust system in your car is quite important to you as a driver, and you will hear the results of problems in the system while you drive. Not only is a loud muffler quite embarrassing, it can cause damage to the internal exhaust system of your vehicle.

Here is a brief explanation of why you should have any problems with your vehicle's exhaust system taken care of as soon as possible.

#1: The Exhaust Releases All Byproducts Of The Engine

You cannot afford to back up your engine with the gases and fumes that comes from the vehicle. Every cubic foot of gas exits the vehicle through the muffler, but a bad muffler will leave much of the gas inside the car. You may smell it in the vehicle itself, or the engine will lose performance because it is not vented properly.

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The Importance of Tire Rotations Explained!

You're driving down the highway, the road noise is unbearable, and you're being shaken out of your boots by the vibration. How did this happen? What caused this? These are some of the many effects not rotating your tires can produce. Tire rotations is an extremely important aspect of automotive care.

Tires will always wear down, but what tire rotations does is help avoid uneven wear. Uneven wear is when the tires of your vehicles all have different levels of damages.This is what causes the increased road noise and higher levels of vibration. To make things worse, a majority of the vibration can be felt in the steering wheel. This in itself can be dangerous.

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Take Care of Auto Repair before Winter Arrives!

It's Fall. You know that this means winter is just a few weeks away. You know that this also means you need to take care of your car before the cold temperatures hit your town. Some might assume that they have time. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You never know when that first big storm will arrive. You can't afford to wait on taking care of auto repair!

Which brings us to the main topic of discussion. Here are three auto repair tips on how to take care of your car before those winter months hit.

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What’s Going On With Your Brakes?

Your car is a vital part of your life. You use it to get to work, the grocery store, and everywhere else you need to be. There are several key components to every vehicle, but the brakes are possibly the most over-looked component. Not being able to start your car is frustrating, but not being able to stop your car could be fatal. Your brakes are absolutely essential to getting around, so pay attention to their condition.

There are two key signs that you may need brake repair:

First, your brake pads are an essential part of any disc-based brake system (used in most cars). These pads should be about a quarter-inch thick. Checking that thickness is rather easy. Look through the spokes of your wheels and notice the metal rotor inside. Around the outer edge of the rotor, there should be a metal caliper. The pad will be located near the caliper. Give the pad a squeeze and see if it feels fairly thick. If it feels worn, then you definitely need your brakes checked!

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Need Transmission Repair After Summer Driving?

High summer heat is not just harmful to humans, animals, and other living things. Our cars, trucks and various other vehicles also suffer from summer's high temperatures. Then, we have to pay the price (usually pretty high) in a necessary repair. Because a vehicle's transmission is highly susceptible to heat, you could be forced to seek transmission repair.

Here are a few ways to avoid overheating your transmission:

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Need Car Service? Don’t Lose Your Cool!

Your car spends all summer in the hot sun. It may have to started to develop problems that were caused by the hot temperatures. This means that you need to be sure that you have a car service performed at the end of the summer, before you start your busy fall schedule. You don't want to have your life interrupted looking for an urgent car repair.

It's easy to get your vehicle ready for those cooler days. Call your car repair technician and ask for a car service to inspect all the various components of your vehicle that can cause problems, such as:

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Safe Summer Driving Tips for Tires

Most people do not know tires are some of the most important parts of their car. They keep you rolling smoothly down the road if they are in good condition. If not, they could easily be the cause of an accident. Be cautious, especially during summer. The high temperatures impact vehicle reliability and safety. Before a long summer road trip, many drivers err on the side of caution and buy new tires.

You can avoid inconveniences and unnecessary expenses by following the tips below:

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Engine Service: Keep Your Cool On The Road!

Similar to the importance of getting a physical check-up at the doctor before putting your body through a vigorous physical event or exercise routine, it is highly imperative that you do the same with your vehicle before any type of road trip by taking care of some basic engine service.

The first type of engine repair you will wish to avoid is damage caused by overheating. This occurs when an adequate amount of coolant is unable to flow through the engine. This can be caused by a number of things including blockage in the radiator or even a leak, possibly in a hose or even the radiator itself. Having your old coolant flushed and replaced with new and your system checked for any leaks before taking off is a great way to keep your car out of the engine repair shop. Also, if your are having overheating problems, have the thermostat replaced, as this is an inexpensive form of preventative maintenance.

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Will A Car Tune Up Make A Difference In Driving Performance?

Not only does a car tune up help keep your car running stronger and longer, but it also makes a difference when you hit the road. Performance is tied to the way that the car has been serviced. Many cars would perk up if they are serviced the right way. All the parts of the car need to be working in tandem to give you the best performance. But you won't keep getting getting that performance without following the correct tune up schedule for your car.

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Automotive Service To Protect Your Vehicle!

You value your vehicle, and you know that buying a new one is not in the cards. However, you don't want to find yourself in a position where you cannot get the car repaired because the repairs are so extensive. Take your beloved vehicle into a trustworthy auto shop for automotive service before you hear or see signs of trouble. Then, you will have a chance to get the small automotive repair done easily, without breaking the bank.

Simple repairs will go a long way when you take care of them early on. You are adding value to the car, and adding life to the engine. Not only will a basic automotive service help keep your car in good shape, but the mechanic can give you a run down of how the car is supposed to work.

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