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Need Transmission Repair After Summer Driving?

High summer heat is not just harmful to humans, animals, and other living things. Our cars, trucks and various other vehicles also suffer from summer’s high temperatures. Then, we have to pay the price (usually pretty high) in a necessary repair. Because a vehicle’s transmission is highly susceptible to heat, you could be forced to seek transmission repair.

Here are a few ways to avoid overheating your transmission:

*Try not to tow heavy loads during high temps as it makes your engine work harder and get hotter.
*Make sure the radiator is well-maintained and filled so that it will keep cooling the engine.
*Check your hoses and fluid lines to ensure there are no leaks. If leaks appear, replace the part.
*Avoid stop-and-go traffic as the constant changing of gears contributes to overheating.
*Have a transmission fluid change about each 30 thousand miles to keep the fluid fresh and clean.

The summer heat that seems to be reaching even newer highs is the cause of a lot of transmission repair. Some of these could have been prevented with a transmission fluid change or fill. Keep transmission temperatures at or below 200 degrees to keep it in top performance and to keep you moving on up the road.

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