4 Questions for Your Auto Shop!

Any time you leave your car at an auto shop there is always a feeling of anxiety, wondering about what work needs to be done, are there any unexpected repairs, how much will it cost, and will it meet your standard of quality. How can know for sure that you are receiving the best service possible?

When first making the appointment at your auto center, here are four important questions to ask:

  1. What will it cost? Your mechanic should give you a list of what parts are needed, how much time the work will take, and the cost of parts and labor. If the total cost is more than your budget will allow at one time, ask what the minimum would be to make the vehicle safe or operational. Schedule another time for the remaining work.
  2. What kind of warranty is offered by the auto shop? Does the warranty cover only the part, a portion of the part, or does it include labor as well? Make sure you understand why the part needs to be replaced.
  3. How long will the work take? Does the auto shop provide alternate transportation if the work will take more than a day? You may need to make arrangements for a loaner vehicle or someone to take you on to work after dropping off your vehicle.
  4. Is there a discount? Does the auto shop have any specials for certain types of parts or services?

Tip to Remember: If using an auto shop for the first time, schedule a small service, such as a tire rotation or oil change, to see how you like the shop and the technicians before scheduling a major service.

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