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Engine Service: Keep Your Cool On The Road!

Similar to the importance of getting a physical check-up at the doctor before putting your body through a vigorous physical event or exercise routine, it is highly imperative that you do the same with your vehicle before any type of road trip by taking care of some basic engine service.

The first type of engine repair you will wish to avoid is damage caused by overheating. This occurs when an adequate amount of coolant is unable to flow through the engine. This can be caused by a number of things including blockage in the radiator or even a leak, possibly in a hose or even the radiator itself. Having your old coolant flushed and replaced with new and your system checked for any leaks before taking off is a great way to keep your car out of the engine repair shop. Also, if your are having overheating problems, have the thermostat replaced, as this is an inexpensive form of preventative maintenance.

A second type of engine repair that you want to avoid at all costs is damage due to lack of oil flow throughout the engine. Oil keeps the moving parts in your engine lubricated, and having a sufficient amount of clean oil flowing through it at all times is an absolute necessity. An oil and filter change is an engine service that should always be an absolute must before any lengthy road trip.

A third issue of importance when preparing your vehicle for a road trip concerns the air flow available to your engine. In order to keep your engine running as efficiently as possible, be sure that your air filter is clean and replace it with a new one if necessary.

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