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Why Is Getting Your Oil Changed So Important?

Get your engines fired up! Just make sure they have plenty of oil.

You need to change your oil after at least 5,000 miles of engine operation. That sounds like a lot. But driving just ten miles a day means you need to change your oil every year and a half.

Yet many people don’t hire an oil change service. One big reason is that they don’t understand the purpose of engine oil. If they don’t know why they should get a chance, they don’t bother.

What is the purpose of engine oil? How can you change it out?

Answer these questions and you can keep your car running for years. Here is your quick guide.

The Purpose of Engine Oil

Your car engine is a hub of activity. It burns gas and converts it into heat.

The heat powers pistons that move up and down inside cylinders. They spin a crankshaft that turns the wheels.

Your engine needs oil so the pistons and crankshaft can function properly. It lubricates these individual components, allowing them to move. It also absorbs excessive heat, keeping metal from warping.

Your car may have a couple of different types of oil. Conventional oil comes from underground sources, while synthetic oil contains artificial additives. But all types have the same functions of lubricating and absorbing heat.

The oil evaporates, meaning your engine will eventually run out of it. Whatever oil is left acquires debris that can clog your cylinders.

Lack of good oil can have serious consequences. Your engine can stop working entirely because it is clogged. It can overheat, triggering a breakdown on a busy motorway.

How to Change Your Oil

You can change your oil yourself, but you need some tools. Get a bottle of new oil and a bin to hold the old oil. Turn your engine off and wait for it to cool down.

Put your car on a stand high enough that you can get under it. Make sure the car is secure and cannot fall on you.

Remove the undertray, which is a plastic cover at the bottom of your engine. Attach a hose and run it to the bin so any falling oil drains away.

Remove the oil filler cap in your engine. You may need to remove the filter, which you can do by turning it counterclockwise.

Pour the oil out until it is depleted. Then place the undertray back in and pour the new oil in.

If you need help, you can go to a car repair service. They can run an inspection to check if you need further repairs.

Hire an Oil Change Service

Your engine is the heart of your car. Oil allows that heart to pump. It lubricates pistons and captures damaging heat.

The oil evaporates and acquires debris. A shortage of oil can cause the engine to clog or overheat, which can lead to an accident.

Lift your car up and remove the undertray. Unscrew the filler cap and allow gravity to carry the oil out. Then fill your engine with new oil.

When you need assistance, find a terrific oil change service. Dependable Car Care helps the Ventura area with auto repair, including oil changes. Request an appointment today.