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The Consequences of Avoiding Regular Wheel Alignments

Did you know that having your car wheels aligned properly has a major influence on how safe you are inside your vehicle?

It’s true! Getting regular wheel alignments can make all the difference in whether you avoid an accident or not. Here are some of the other unfortunate consequences of skipping out on getting a car wheel alignment when you need one.

What Are Wheel Alignments?

Wheel alignments are when a mechanic adjusts your car’s suspension so that each tire receives equal contact with the road.

Correct wheel alignment makes it so your car handles smoothly while driving.

Why You Need Regular Wheel Alignments

A proper wheel alignment reduces wear and tear on your tires. It also prevents uneven wear on your tires so you don’t have to replace any tires earlier than is necessary.

If your wheels are not aligned right, one or more of your tires could rub smooth before the others. Smooth tires are less able to grip the road and can increase your chances of sliding or skidding.

This in turn can lead to collisions, especially if driving on slick roads or in adverse weather conditions.

When your wheels are misaligned, you may experience trouble steering your vehicle at fast speeds. Misaligned tires often drag along the edges and rub bare. This makes it harder for you to break and handle your car.

The result? Car crashes. Sadly, bare tires are a common cause of vehicle collisions.

Tire drag caused by wheel misalignment can also mean your car burns fuel more quickly.

You can save money on fuel and new tires with a regular wheel alignment.

Misalignment of tires can add stress to your car’s suspension. Unfortunately, this can often result in damage to expensive suspension components. Getting a car wheel alignment regularly can prevent you from costly repairs to your suspension components.

Causes of Misalignment

Besides regular use, there are other causes of your wheels becoming misaligned. Small accidents, or “fender benders” can bump your car suspension and push your tires out of place.

Driving into a curb, or over a pothole can even bump your tires out of proper alignment.

One of the sure signs that it’s time to get a wheel alignment is if your steering wheel shakes while you’re driving. If your car veers off to one side, is difficult to steer, or won’t drive in a straight line, it is definitely time to have a professional take a look at your car’s suspension.

Odds are good that it’s the result of problems with your wheel alignment.

Get Your Car Checked Today

Don’t wait until you start experiencing problems driving to have your car’s wheels aligned. Regular wheel alignments are part of proper car maintenance and can protect the life of your tires as well as your own safety.

Request an appointment with one of our auto experts today. We are here to answer all your car questions and help you preserve the life and quality of your vehicle.