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When is the Best Time for Auto AC Repair?

When summer approaches, car owners are increasingly wary of their vehicle’s air conditioning systems. After all, no one wants to drive with windows rolled down when it’s above 90 °F outside. Hence, ensuring that your AC works perfectly is a top priority before the hot summer months arrive.

However, this begs the question: when is the best time for you to avail the auto ac repair services of your trusted mechanic? This post answers that question and details when you need AC maintenance for your car.


  • Spring: The Best Time to Ensure Your AC is In Top Condition
  • What Hours are the Best Time to Get My AC Repaired?
  • How Long Does it Take for the Car’s AC to be Fixed?
  • Signs Your Car Needs an Auto AC Repair
  • Conclusion

Spring: The Best Time to Ensure Your AC is In Top Condition

Spring is the best time to clean your home and an excellent opportunity to keep your car in great running condition. If you only take your car for an AC service once a year, this season is the best time.

The first few weeks of spring still have pretty cold winds, which makes driving without air conditioning manageable. However, as summer approaches, you will feel that unbearable heat when your AC is not working as it should.

Getting your car inspected and serviced during spring is crucial for catching any problems or issues in your car early. Investing in auto AC repair is also necessary if you plan to take your family on a long road trip.

Other great times to get your auto AC repaired throughout the year include:

  • Days when there’s bad weather
  • Almost any day of April
  • The days leading to Christmas or Black Friday specials

Fewer customers usually get their cars fixed in the auto repair shop during these times. Hence, the car technician can focus on fixing your vehicle, and you can drive it home on the same day.

Furthermore, these days also present an opportunity where you can negotiate the repair cost. Meanwhile, it’s also great to get your car’s AC fixed during weeks with a holiday since some auto repair shops offer promos and freebies during these times.

What Hours are the Best Time to Get My AC Repaired?

If you want to get your car serviced, the best time to bring it to the repair shop is early to mid-morning and mid-afternoon. These periods often have fewer clients lining up at the auto repair shop. Furthermore, these early hours also give the mechanics more time to work on your car.

Meanwhile, the worst time to bring your car to the repair shop is an hour before lunch or right before the shop ends. Most mechanics often slow down their work during these periods in preparation for lunch or are about to end their shifts.

Getting a scheduled appointment can help prevent customer scheduling conflicts and allow the auto repair shop to prepare in advance.

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How Long Does it Take for the Car’s AC to be Fixed?

A typical AC repair service usually lasts three to four hours. However, it may take longer if the damage seems severe or if a particular AC component needs to be replaced.

During the service, the mechanic has to do several procedures, such as:

  • Removing the residual gas from the AC system
  • Taking out the cooling coil from the dashboard, cleaning it, and putting it back
  • Replacing the cooling fan if it’s broken
  • Cleaning the AC vents to remove anything that hinders proper airflow
  • Repairing electrical issues such as a blown-out fuse or a bad module
  • Replacing the refrigerant; if necessary

An experienced mechanic should be able to repair the compressor in around 1.5 hours. The car repair specialist can sometimes find more systemic problems as they go forward. The system’s cleaning and recharging do not count toward this time.

If the compressor has failed, other parts that might need to be changed include the accumulator, intake vents, and general cleaning of the orifice. This extra work may extend the procedure by an hour or even longer.

Meanwhile, older cars’ air conditioning systems are more susceptible to leaks. Even if you regularly maintain it, the wear and tear alone could make some components fail. It may take the mechanic between two and three hours to diagnose and fix all leaks.

Signs Your Car Needs an Auto AC Repair

Sometimes you don’t have the chance to wait until spring to get your air conditioning system repaired. In some cases, the damage or problem is so severe that it hampers the functionality and operation of your AC.

Below are some of the early signs of AC problems that you should look out for:

  • Leaks on the dashboard, which cause water stains on the floor mat
  • Foul odor similar to the smell of sweat that’s coming from the AC’s air filter
  • Burning odor because of overheating issues
  • Rattling noise whenever you switch the air conditioning on
  • Weak airflow from your AC causes the cabin temperature to get hotter
  • Refrigerant leaks because of loose rubber seals or punctured holes
  • Faulty compressor clutch

If you encounter any of these signs, you should first turn off your air conditioning to limit its potential damage to your car. Next, have your vehicle inspected by your trusted car repair shop. The mechanic will then give you a diagnosis and fix the issue.

Getting your car checked by a professional auto care specialist on time or based on the service schedule on your user manual can prolong its lifespan. Overall, you should prioritize proper car maintenance since it helps prevent unwanted and costly repairs in the future.


The best time to avail of an auto AC repair service is during the first sign of any problem. If you spot any issues with your air conditioning system, you need to address them immediately, or it can worsen and cost you more in terms of the repairs needed.

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