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Tips on How to Choose the Right Auto Shop

Sooner or later every car on the road is going to require auto repair. The fact is that most drivers wait until the last minute to find the right auto shop for their vehicle. Waiting till the last minute is a mistake because vital errors in judgment are made. Just think about all the little irritating problems a driver might experience after an accident. They are in a rush, searching for auto repair services in their location, and they don’t pay attention to important details to consider before handing their car over to the auto repair shop. The best approach is to go to reputable sources for information.

Ask Reputable Sources

The best way to choose the right auto shop is to ask sources that you respect. For example, ask your insurance company for advice. Generally, they have a list of approved auto repair shops in their office. These shops usually are reputable and perform higher quality work. Collect at least 1 or 2 names. Another way to find a good repair service is to ask friends and family for their recommendations. Collect those too. Check out their reputation at the Better Business Bureau. Determine the length of time in business. Look for complaints filed. Narrow down your auto repair services to the top 1 or 2.

Request Estimates

All shops are not the same. Some employ new parts and others work with used parts. Make a request for new parts only. Drivers have the right to request only new parts. Those should be noted on the estimate that you request. Ask shop one on your list to prepare an estimate. Take that estimate to shop two and ask them for an estimate. Compare the estimates. Check to see the parts they’ve added and labor cost. Ask the shops about warranties on their repair work, before making your final decision.

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