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Routine Auto Service Helps Drivers Save Money!

Not only will routine auto service keep the dollars in your wallet, but will also help protect our environment. By spending a little up front on routine auto service, your auto shop will help you reach your goal of keeping your car running clean and performing stronger and longer, while keeping our atmosphere a little cleaner.

Here are four steps of auto service that can help save you money:

  • Follow the Right Intervals for Auto Service. Follow the schedule for the appropriate intervals for auto service to save money at the pump with reduced toxic emissions and greater fuel efficiency. These services include inspections of your brakes, engine, and transmission, tire inflation pressure and tread depth, dirty air filter replaced, regular oil changes including the filter, and the suspension system.
  • Rebuild Your Engine. When many vehicle owners face serious engine trouble, they consider purchasing a new vehicle. However, for about the cost of an average down payment on a new car, it could be smarter financially if you were to keep your current car and consider a remanufactured or rebuilt engine. Your vehicle will gain new life with greater fuel efficiency.
  • Recycle Used Parts. Recycling and properly disposing of motor oil, tires, batteries, and other used parts and fluids in a conscientious manner helps protect our environment.
  • Keep Your Old Vehicle. A simple way to extend the life of your vehicle is to have routine auto service performed and by not neglecting necessary repairs. Your old vehicle will give you many more years of reliable service–without monthly car payments and higher insurance rates.

Regular auto services can help keep money in your wallet! Contact our ASE Certified technicians at Dependable Car Care for more information about our services and to schedule an appointment. Our auto shop proudly serves residents in the community of Ventura, CA, and surrounding area.