Do you know how to tell if Shocks need to be replaced?

Driving with good car struts and shocks is important for the safety and control of your vehicle. There are various ways of how to tell if shocks need to be replaced. You cannot control the road that you are driving on, but you can make sure your shock absorbers are letting you have a good experience when driving.

How to Tell If Shocks Need to be Replaced

Shocks are vulnerable to wear and tear like all other car parts. It takes a driver’s keenness to notice a deteriorating shock. There are various signs that alert the driver of shocks that need attention or replacement. These include;

  • Changes in the way your car maneuvers over bumps and potholes. Worn out shocks cause your car to bottom out over railroad tracks, speed bumps, and dips. 
  • Abnormal sounds from your car when going over bumps
  • Abnormal lean of the car when making turns and changes when coming to an abrupt halt. The front end of a weary vehicle tends to dive sharply

How to Test the Performance of your Shocks

You can also test the condition of the shocks by pushing down on the corners of your vehicle. This is a test that is specific to light cars. A good car won’t bounce after this, but one with bad shocks will keep bouncing after you let go. This means that it is time to replace those shocks or car struts. High-riding cars will not show their condition so have their them checked by professional auto technicians.

Depending on the nature of the terrain that you drive on frequently, you may need to replace car struts and shocks periodically. It is probably fairly obvious that a vehicle that is consistently driving on the rough road needs strut and shock replacements more frequently than a vehicle that is simply driven on smooth terrains.

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