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How Often Should You Service Your Car AC?

Most people are ready for the warm weather on the way. During the cold temperatures of winter, your heating unit received a lot of use. Be sure that your vehicle is ready as well by scheduling an inspection with a certified car AC repair specialist.

With the introduction of computerized parts, today’s A/C system is more complex than in the days of “do-it-yourself” vehicle maintenance. Air conditioning systems work on the principle that when the refrigerant is compressed and cooled, then allowed to expand again, it will get very cold. If your AC’s compressor isn’t able to create a high enough pressure in the system then the refrigerant will not properly cool. Also, if there is a clog or block in the system, the high-pressure refrigerant may be allowed to slowly decompress through the clog which won’t create the proper cooling effect. A certified mechanic can determine how much pressure is in the compressor and will be able to tell you if it needs to be replaced or if it is simply clogged.

Your car’s air conditioner is exposed to the extreme heat of your engine, road debris, dirt, vibrations, quick stops and even the occasional run-in with a curb. All this stress can allow small cracks to form in components or connections to slowly work their way to lose leaving tiny spaces for the refrigerant to leak out.

Note to Remember: Schedule a routine car AC repair service at least once a year; the benefits include improved gas mileage, a more environmentally-friendly vehicle, and a more comfortable drive.

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