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How Hybrid Repair Differs from Standard Car Repair?

Hybrid cars are pretty similar to gas-powered cars. If you take out a hybrid car’s battery and electric engine, it’s almost identical to a regular car. Thus, it’s understandable that many assume that the maintenance involved in a hybrid repair is the same as any regular auto repair.

This post explains the main differences between repairing a hybrid and repairing a standard vehicle.


  • Five Main Differences Between Hybrid Repair and Regular Car Repair
    • Expect a Battery Pack Replacement
    • Hybrid Repair has a Different Engine Service
    • A Hybrid Car’s Brake Pads Last Longer
    • Different Oil Change Intervals
    • Coolant Repair is More Expensive
  • Does Hybrid Car Repair and Maintenance Cost More?
  • Should You Get or Switch to a Hybrid Car?
    • Hybrid Car Pros
    • Hybrid Car Cons
  • Conclusion

Five Main Differences Between Hybrid Repair and Regular Car Repair

1. Expect a Battery Pack Replacement

Hybrid cars have a battery pack that needs to be replaced should they fail. The good news is that a hybrid car’s battery tends to incur this issue as it approaches about 100,000 miles. Fixing the battery pack or installing a new one requires knowledge about its complex wiring system.

These battery packs also have an air filter that needs to be replaced once in a while. Fortunately, most hybrid vehicles have an electric motor that doesn’t require too much attention. Hiring a certified car technician ensures that the battery pack will be repaired or replaced correctly.

Fortunately, many of the current hybrid car models’ battery packs come with an eight-year or 80,000 miles warranty.

2. Hybrid Repair has a Different Engine Service

A hybrid and a gas-powered car’s combustion engine have the same design and function. However, most hybrid cars usually run using the electric battery at a lower speed or until its battery is drained. Most hybrid car owners switch to its gasoline engine if it wants to run faster or has a low battery.

Fixing a hybrid car requires specialized tools and a knowledgeable mechanic since its engine works with the battery pack. While your average mechanic might know how to fix a hybrid car’s engine, they might find it challenging to fix every component under the hood that’s part of the electric engine.

3. A Hybrid Car’s Brake Pads Last Longer

Regenerative braking technology is present in most hybrid cars. When the vehicle stops, its regenerative brakes absorb energy, which it subsequently utilizes to recharge the battery. The brakes on hybrid cars typically last longer since they don’t wear as fast.

While you might need brake pad replacement often, it’s best to get them checked at least twice a year. Make sure to get the service of a specialized mechanic familiar with hybrid braking systems and other related technology.

4. Different Oil Change Intervals

Thanks to a hybrid car’s electric motor, the gas-powered engine doesn’t need to work as hard as those in non-hybrid vehicles. Thus, the engine oil can last longer because it too since it isn’t used as much.

As a result, it has longer oil change intervals than non-hybrid vehicles. Most manufacturers of gas-powered cars recommend an oil change between 5,000 and 10,1000 miles. Meanwhile, hybrid cars can get their oil changed every 16,000 miles. Hybrid cars also have an oil change warning signal on their dashboard, which tells when it’s time to replace your oil.

5. Coolant Repair is More Expensive

The coolant system is one of the most crucial components for maintaining your hybrid vehicle’s top performance. Although a hybrid cooling system functions similarly to standard cooling systems, some of these vehicles have many systems that need to be maintained.

Repairing is also more labor intensive because of the same reason. As with any car, keeping a close eye on your coolant levels is crucial to ensure your engine is adequately shielded as you drive daily.

You can avoid the need for regular hybrid repairs brought on by engine overheating with the aid of an experienced hybrid car repair facility.

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Does Hybrid Car Repair and Maintenance Cost More?

Maintaining a hybrid car costs almost the same as maintaining a similar-sized gas-powered car. Regular upkeep and minor repairs for a hybrid vehicle are typically no more expensive than for a conventional vehicle. Some hybrid car maintenance procedures are even lower in cost.

However, replacing some of the crucial components of a hybrid car costs a significant amount. For instance, replacing a battery pack will cost anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. Hence, maintaining these components is essential to avoid incurring these costly repairs properly.

More mechanics today can work on hybrids compared to when they were launched more than two decades ago. Hybrid car owners also don’t have to go exclusively to their dealerships to get their units maintained or repaired.

Should You Get or Switch to a Hybrid Car?

Hybrid cars get the best worlds of electric and gas-powered cars. However, they also carry the advantages and disadvantages of both types of vehicles.

Hybrid Car Pros

The fuel economy of hybrid cars is their main selling point. You won’t need to fill up gas as frequently as a standard gas vehicle with a hybrid vehicle. The financial savings you get also add up over time. Furthermore, you’re lowering carbon emissions by using less fuel.

Some states also offer state tax incentives for hybrid car owners. For example, you can get a $5,00 rebate for leasing or purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle from the state of Connecticut.

Hybrid Car Cons

On the flip side, hybrid cars cost a few thousand dollars more than gas-powered vehicles in the same size and category. Replacing its battery and other crucial components is also pretty expensive.

Also, hybrid vehicles might not produce as much power as gas-powered ones, which could disadvantage those driving mainly on highways.


Repairing a hybrid car has several differences compared to fixing regular gasoline-powered cars. Hence, it would be best if you had someone familiar with a hybrid car’s complex mechanisms that are not present in its non-hybrid counterpart.

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