When Should a Transmission be Serviced?

Taking care of the transmission in your vehicle is important if you want to keep it for very long. If you are a conscientious vehicle owner, you probably understand that the transmission system is constantly exposed to both heat and stress. You also know that to keep your vehicle performing strong, you must follow the recommended transmission service intervals as stated in your vehicle owner’s manual (i.e., every 60,000 to 100,000 miles). However, there are many vehicle owners who misunderstand the basic maintenance that’s needed to keep a transmission running smoothly.

So, when should a transmission be serviced? Whether or not your vehicle has reached the recommended mileage interval for transmission service, if you start to notice any of the issues listed below, you may be headed for transmission trouble.

  • Shifting Problems: You notice it is getting harder to change gears, and occasionally, it “pops” out of gear. You may hear various sounds when you shift, such as the engine whining, clunking and thumping. You may also find that your motor is working hard to accelerate, pass a slower vehicle, or go up a hill.
  • Worn-out parts: Worn out transmission parts will make shifting harder and you may find yourself having to force the gearshift into the next gear, causing lurching or jerking while shifting.
  • Transmission warning light: A warning light alone doesn’t necessarily mean you have a transmission problem. But, if any of these symptoms are occurring in conjunction with the warning light, schedule a transmission service to have a diagnostic test run to find a possible “error” code.
  • Major transmission failure: As a conscientious vehicle owner, you understand that it is more cost-effective to keep up with the recommended transmission service intervals than to wait for a costly repair, such as a transmission rebuild or replacement.

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