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Quality Automotive Service: Keep Your Car Running Strong!

Winter weather takes its toll on the exterior, undercarriage and working parts of the engine in automobiles–even in warmer winter climates! There are several automotive service items to keep track of so your car will keep on performing well as the temperature changes. It will also prevent an unexpected visit to an automotive repair shop.

A tire check for air pressure and tread wear should be done. It may also be a good idea to consider purchasing snow tires for those trips to the mountains for fun in the snow. Most automotive service centers carry a range of all-season and snow tires to choose from. If tread wear is not acceptable, get new tires now to prevent a blowout in cold conditions.

Car batteries have a harder time turning over in colder temperatures. A strong battery with a good charge will keep you from getting stuck anywhere with a dead car battery. Terminals should be cleaned or replaced if needed. In addition, checking the alternator, belts, and hoses will prevent break downs as well.

Fluids should always be topped off, no matter the time of year. Antifreeze is the fluid most people think to check, but the oil, windshield washer fluid and brake fluid should all be checked. Top off the fluids according to the car’s maintenance manual. You may be able to do the work yourself, but it is always a good idea to have for expert advice on the different fluids and antifreeze mixture. Many automotive repair centers often offer winter specials on fluid fills and are happy to do the work for you.

Remember: Keep up with periodic checks of the tire pressure and fluids throughout winter and especially after long trips. Keeping up with car care in winter will keep you tooling around safely until summer.

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