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Car Smells Like Gas? This Is What You Need to Know

Have you ever encountered the sudden smell of gas while driving?

It’s common for car owners to fix flat tires or jumpstart a dead battery. Proper maintenance is part of the responsibility of every car owner. However, the smell of fuel lingering inside your car can be a cause for concern.

Are you wondering, “Why does my car smell like gas?” Read on to discover a few possible reasons why your car smells like gas.

1. Loose Fuel Filler Cap

A fuel filler cap is a seal used to close the gas tank. It blocks the small debris and dust from getting inside the tank. Plus, it prevents the gas from evaporating.

If your car starts smelling like gas, you may have forgotten to tighten the fuel filler cap. It’s good practice to check the filler cap whenever you get gas. If it’s impossible to secure the gas cap, try changing it to a new one.

2. Loose or Broken Spark Plug

A spark plug is a device that delivers current from the ignition system to the combustion engine. It gives off a spark that ignites the fuel mixture, which then produces power.

If a spark plug is loose or broken, fumes could leak from the chamber to the engine. Take note that the motor is near the ventilator. If your car AC starts smelling like gas, call in a professional to inspect your spark plug.

3. Leakage on the Fuel System

One possible reason why your car smells like gasoline is the leakage in your car’s fuel system.

The role of a car fuel system is to transport gas to the engine. The system composes of the fuel tank, pipeline, pump, filter, and carburetor. With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to determine where the leakage is coming from.

You may notice a puddle of fuel under your car when a part is leaking. This situation could put you and other passengers at risk. When exposed to a spark or heat, this could start a vehicle fire.

There are three parts of the fuel system that are prone to leakage: the tank, pipeline, and carburetor (or injector). Leakage often happens due to component wear, corrosion, or aging.

If you notice fuel puddles under your car, get it checked immediately. Even if your car is in tip-top shape, make it a habit to get regular vehicle maintenance checks. This helps you avoid accidents and identify problems before they cause more issues.

Why Your Car Smells Like Gas

These are some of the reasons why your car smells like gas. It’s normal to encounter car problems, but it’s best not to take them for granted. If you notice a gasoline smell in cars, have a mechanic check it out immediately.

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