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7 Signs Need Brake Maintenance

The brake is one of the most important and necessary parts of your car’s transmission, so it is crucial to maintain them. The brake helps you not only stop but also control the steering and pressurize the brake fluid. If you notice brake wear, it could indicate that your brake pads are wearing out and will need to be replaced.

How Does The Brake System Work?

A brake system is a series of components that work together to slow or stop your vehicle. The brake system consists of brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers, and the brake master cylinder. When you step on the brakes pedal it causes hydraulic fluid from your vehicle’s reservoir to push against this master cylinder. This pushes two pistons up into brake pads which clamp brake rotors. This creates a stopping force that slows down and ultimately stops your vehicle.

Now you know how a brake works, here are some signs you need brake service:

Your Brake Light Comes On

Your brake light comes on when the brake pads are low, and it’s time to get your brake maintenance done. If you ignore this sign, you risk a more serious problem down the road that will cost much more money to take care of. How can you tell if what’s happening in your car is brake pad-related? Some brake lights will turn on to let you know that the brake pads have become worn down. It’s best not to ignore it, as this could lead to more braking problems and eventually a brake failure.

You Hear Strange Noises When Braking

When the brake pad begins to wear out, there is a high chance of hearing a scraping or squeaking sound every time you brake. This noise can come from anywhere in the car but usually sounds louder when brake pads are worn on the back of the brake calipers.

Car Shakes Or Feel Vibration While Braking

When brake pads wear out, it can cause a vibration to come through either your brake pedal or handlebars onto your hands. This is especially true if you’re driving during cold weather and need to break harder than normal. In this case, go easy when applying pressure on the brakes as hard acceleration could make things worse by locking up the wheels causing even more damage!

Your Car Pulls One Side When You Brake

For brakes to function properly, they must be able to slow down and stop both axles simultaneously, otherwise known as equal distribution of weight (or brake bias). This is an important brake and traction control function that will not allow the car to pull to one side or another when applying brake pressure. However, if you notice your steering wheel start pulling in a certain direction while braking it could be from brake pads that are too thin and worn out.

You Hear Grinding Noises Before Braking

If you’re hearing strange sounds right before stopping this could indicate some problems with either one of two things, your brake pad material has reached its minimum thickness or there is something else wrong such as bad rotors (or discs) – which means they need replacing! Make sure to get checked by a mechanic so all these parts can work properly together for maximum safety on the road.

Your Brake Pedal Is Low

The brake fluid plays a big part in your brake’s performance, so if the level of it is too low this could mean there are some leaks. A good way to know for sure would be to have the brake system pressure tested by a professional mechanic and see where they find any problems that might need attention. These types of repairs can become costly but will cost much more than preventative maintenance such as brake pads!

Your Brake Pedal Feels Spongy Or Soft

It’s time to get your brake pedal looked at if you notice that it feels spongy or soft when you press on it. If you put a lot of pressure into stepping down and don’t feel anything, the brake fluid might be getting low in your brake reservoir. This is something best dealt with sooner than later because brake pads are expensive to replace.

These are some signs that indicate you need brake maintenance immediately! Make sure to get checked every year or so depending upon how often you use them because they’re a crucial part of your vehicle’s safety precautions.

Need Assistance In Brake Service

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