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The Disastrous Consequences of Missing an Oil Change

Your vehicle is a well-oiled machine. Or at least it should be. But what happens when you ignore an oil change?

Your car’s engine relies on oil to reduce friction between moving parts, but it loses its effectiveness over time due to heat and other factors. This means all the components of your engine may not be protected as they should be, as sludge can form that decreases the flow of the oil. This can lead to a variety of issues.

Because of this, it’s recommended that you change your oil at regular intervals as outlined by the manufacturer. If you think you don’t need to, read on to learn some of the consequences of failing to add fresh oil and replacement filters.

Your Engine Can Overheat

Oil is one of the ways to help control the heat of your engine. When it gets too hot, you may find yourself waiting on the side of the highway for help to arrive.

Engine parts rubbing together due to outdated oil (or low oil) can cause the engine to peak in temperature. This can occur even if your coolant levels are properly maintained.

The Engine Might Be Louder

You may think the only issue that would make a vehicle louder is a muffler or exhaust issue. However, not getting an oil change can also make your car annoyingly loud.

This is because inadequate oil can cause parts to rub together more, which increases the decibels. In many cases, it’s due to low oil levels, but an auto repair technician can quickly spot this and correct it.

Your Fuel Efficiency Might Decrease

When your engine is topped up with quality oil, it means your engine doesn’t have to work as hard. However, as oil gets dirty from particles such as dust and sediment, it forces the engine to try a little harder.

What this means is that your miles per gallon may drop if you don’t change your oil, and you might find you’re hitting the gas pump more regularly. However, bad oil is just one of several reasons why your vehicle’s efficiency may be suffering. Let a technician sort it out for you.

It Can Lead To Expensive Repairs

Oil changes are relatively inexpensive. However, if you neglect the oil changes, then you’re adding undue stress to the engine parts.

This can cause a breakdown of the engine over time, which can be expensive to repair. It might also mean the life expectancy of your vehicle is shortened.

This is another reason you shouldn’t ignore the “check engine” warning light on your dashboard – it could be something relatively minor like low oil pressure that can be remedied without breaking the bank.

Don’t Skip The Oil Change

Getting an oil change is an economical way to keep your car running efficiently while preventing expensive damage to the engine.

Missing changing your oil can cause a variety of other issues, such as a louder engine or one that overheats leaving you stranded at the roadside.

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