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Is it Time for Some Basic Auto Repair Services?

Many vehicle owners tend to put off visiting their auto repair shop. They become anxious about what type of auto repair services might be needed for their vehicle. How much time will it take and how much will it cost? Have you heard it said that to save money you must spend a little money? By spending a few dollars in taking care of basic auto repair services, you will actually be saving money by preventing small issues from turning into bigger and more costly problems.

Let us help relieve some of your anxiety about scheduling auto repair services with these tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your mechanic a few questions, including:
    1. How much will the cost be for labor and parts?
    2. Is there a warranty or guaranty on parts and labor?
    3. How long will the work take?
    4. Is alternate transportation available after dropping off my vehicle?
    5. What is the acceptable method of payment?
    6. Will I be informed of any problems that may come up before any other work is done?
  • Spend a little time with your mechanic: When dropping off your vehicle, not only should you ask questions, but your mechanic should ask you questions for diagnostic information and obtain your authorization for the work to be done.
  • Stay close to your phone: Make sure you are available to take a phone call to discuss any unexpected auto repair issues that may surface. You should give your authorization before your mechanic proceeds with any work that was not discussed and agreed upon earlier.
  • Written policies: The policies for the auto shop’s rates, warranties, method of payment, and approved work should be in writing. Make sure you understand them before leaving the shop.

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