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“When do I need a Full Service on my Car?”

“When do I need a full service on my car?” If this is the question you are asking, more than likely that is just what your car needs. If you are still planning your summer road trip, don’t forget to take care of maintenance issues or a needed car repair. You need your car to operate at its highest level of power and performance so you don’t get stranded in a strange town looking for an urgent car repair.

In addition to your owner’ manual, there are two ways in which you will be reminded as to when to get your car serviced:

  • In-vehicle Maintenance Reminder Systems — Today’s cars have an in-vehicle maintenance reminder system that takes a number of operating conditions into account and provides an alert on the dash, such as when it is time for an oil change, fluid level checks, brake service, and other maintenance issues.
  • Mileage-Based Maintenance Service Intervals — The service intervals for older cars is generally based on mileage. There are usually two different maintenance schedules, one for cars driven in “normal” operating conditions, such as level ground, infrequent braking, mild climate, and light loads. There is another scheduled for vehicles used in “severe” operating conditions, such as primarily short trips of five miles or less, extreme climates, stop-and-go driving, towing a trailer or carrying heavy loads.

So, in answer to the question, “When do I need a full service on my car,” just follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule in your owner’s manual and you won’t go wrong. If you’re still not sure when to service your car, a car repair specialist can keep you up-to-date so that you are driving as safe as possible.

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