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What Is Included In Most Auto AC Repair Services?

During the summer, your car’s air conditioning system usually works harder than at any time. Getting AC repair services for your vehicle before summer rolls out is best if you don’t want it to malfunction during a hot day.

While newer cars only need a simple AC recharge, older vehicles might need more attention from your mechanic. This post discusses routine maintenance and quick fixes in most AC repair services that service centers and auto repair companies offer.


  • 5 Things That Are Included in an Auto AC Repair Services
    • Car AC Diagnostics
    • Refill or Replace Coolant
    • AC Leak Repair
    • Electrical Issues Repair
    • Cooling Fan Replacement
  • What Are the Most Common Car AC Problems?
    • Car AC Not Blowing Cool Air
    • Water Seeps Inside the Cabin
    • Bad Odor
    • Loud Whirring Noise
    • Overheating Engine
  • Conclusion

5 Things That Are Included in an Auto AC Repair Services

When you take your car for AC maintenance or repair, the mechanic first inspects the system. Next, he proceeds to locate problematic components causing the issue. From there, he repairs or replaces these problematic parts. Finally, he tests if the repair has been successful or if there are still other prevalent issues.

Here is a breakdown of the processes involved when you get auto AC repair services.

1. Car AC Diagnostics

Your mechanic has to check several AC components and systems to ensure he gives a proper diagnosis. They must also look for leaks, blockages, worn-out parts, damaged electrical components, and other issues.

Aside from visual inspection, they also have to use several diagnostic tools, such as a gauge set. This tool measures the AC pressure in your system. If the pressure is below what the car’s manufacturer recommends, they might have to add a refrigerant.

Your technician may also run your car for a few minutes while the AC is on and use a special thermometer to check if the temperature is up to standards.

2. Refill or Replace Coolant

If your car’s AC is not cooling, it can be because of a broken condenser or a damaged compressor. But, the most common culprit is a low refrigerant level.

Your car’s AC refrigerant level diminishes by 15 percent every year. Hence, getting it refilled every one or two years is recommended.

Refilling a coolant isn’t as simple as it seems because many steps are involved, such as determining if the compressor is engaging and testing the AC’s pressure. You also must constantly monitor the gauge and ensure it stays around 40 PSI. Finally, you have to check if the car’s now blowing cold air after the coolant refill.

3. AC Leak Repair

A leak is one of the common reasons why your AC is not cooling your car correctly. However, finding a leak can be tricky because it can be anywhere in the system. Your mechanic has to check hard lines, hose, and compressor for punctures or cracks. In some cases, they might have to apply tracer dye into the system to help them locate the leak.

Depending on the extent of the damage, the mechanic might need to apply sealant. However, if the evaporator has been damaged, it must be replaced.

4. Electrical Issues Repair

Electrical failure is another reason why an air conditioning system has stopped working. It can be caused by several issues, such as bad sensors, a broken wire that sends faulty signals, a blown-out fuse, and a bad module.

Meanwhile, loose connections and other electrical issues within the car’s AC system are easier to repair. However, you also need regular AC checks by a reliable mechanic to sort these issues early and prevent catastrophic failures like an acid buildup.

5. Cooling Fan Replacement

Poor radiator fans can lead to problems with the air conditioning in cars. This happens because the condenser fan produces just half as much air as the radiator cooling fan. The condenser eliminates the heat vapor of the refrigerant by drawing air through it under the force of the radiator fan.

Under your car’s hood, in the front, is where you’ll find the condenser fan for the air conditioning system. Most often, there will be two fan assemblies. The other is found on the condenser, while one is employed on the radiator.

You might need to consult your automobile’s service handbook to identify their difference. If your fan motor breaks, the mechanic will recommend replacing them.

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What Are the Most Common Car AC Problems?

A compressor powered by the engine, an expansion valve that controls the refrigerant flow, and two heat exchangers, the evaporator and condenser, are just a few of the parts that make up the air conditioning system. As it circulates throughout the system, refrigerant is a liquid that can change into a gas and then back to a liquid state.

Below are some of the most prevalent AC problems that car owners encounter:

1. Car AC Not Blowing Cool Air

When your AC is not cooling your car as it used to, it could be because of a failed compressor or low refrigerant levels. The condenser might be clogged because the coil’s surface area was reduced.

2. Water Seeps Inside the Cabin

The refrigerant condenses as it passes through the evaporator and forms water. If you notice water inside the car’s cabin, the drain tube that sends the water outside might be blocked.

3. Bad Odor

The car’s AC filter might have mold or mildew because of excess moisture if you smell a faint foul odor. Replacing the filter or cleaning it should solve the problem. However, if the smell is similar to rotten eggs, there might be a dead animal or pest invasion in your AC system.

4. Loud Whirring Noise

If a loud, high-pitched whirring noise emanates from the engine bay while the air conditioner is running, it may result from a shot compressor bearing. On the other hand, the blower fan assembly must be repaired or replaced if the noise emanates from inside the cabin.

5. Overheating Engine

The compressor draws some power from the engine, just like the steering or the water pump.

If the compressor’s clutch seizes, it unnecessarily loads the engine and causes overheating.


Your car’s AC is one of the things that makes your ride comfortable. While rolling down your windows might cool the car passengers, it doesn’t have the same benefits as cool air from your air conditioning.

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