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5 Warning Signs You Have Worn Car Shocks and Struts

Are you wondering if your car’s shocks or struts have reached the end of their life? When your commute to work starts to feel a little bumpy or unsteady, it’s time to do a check. After all, you don’t want to be driving an unsafe vehicle on the highway.

Read on to learn the 5 warning signs that you have worn car shocks and struts!

1. Braking Causes Your Car to Dip

You may notice that your car seems to lurch forward when you make a sudden stop. The front end may feel like it’s sinking lower — plus the stopping time may be longer. These are clear signs that you need shocks and struts repair.

With the average lifespan of struts and shocks at around a decade, other issues may shorten their life, too. If you’ve driven aggressively or hit potholes, you may need to seek out the best shocks and struts as a replacement sooner.

2. Your Car Leans Into a Turn

Does your car feel like it’s leaning when you turn a corner? If your car feels like it’s leaning to the outside when you round a bend, you may have worn shocks or struts.

Similarly, a car that gets knocked around even by gentle breezes is another sign of instability. Take your car to the mechanic so they can see what’s wrong.

3. A Bumpy Ride Means Your Shocks and Struts Are Worn

What are shocks and struts? Your car will have one or the other, but they both help to minimize bounce when you’re driving. They sit in your suspension and steering systems.

As a result, a bumpy ride may mean that you need to repair them. If you’re wondering whether you have shocks or struts — and whether to replace them — ask a professional for help. An experienced technician can guide you to the right repair!

4. Look for Steering Wheel Vibration

When you accelerate, your steering wheel may start to vibrate. But if it’s shaking more than normal, your shocks may be the culprit.

Too much vibration can create a dangerous scenario when you’re on the road. You may struggle to get a firm grip on the wheel when you drive at higher speeds.

5. Watch for Bouncy Tires

It’s normal for tires to react to uneven road surfaces. But excessive bouncing could indicate that it’s time for shocks and struts replacement. This issue could make it more difficult to control your car, too.

Look for signs of uneven wear on your tires. This is a sign that your tires aren’t flush against the road. Take your car in for a check-up and make sure that your next road trip is comfortable and safe!

Pursue Shocks and Struts Repair

When you notice that driving becomes a bumpy and unstable experience, take your car to the shop. You may need shocks and struts replacement, but you’ll end up with a safer car. You don’t want your car to swerve dangerously when it stops or tilt when it’s turning.

Let the professionals check your car to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. Contact us and we can help!