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What Are the Different Types of Car Batteries?

You’ve just discovered that your car’s battery needs replacing. And you have no idea where to start. Specifically, what types of car batteries are available to you in 2021?

The reality is, multiple types of car batteries exist in today’s booming automotive battery market, which is expected to grow 5.5% between now and 2026. And chances are that a couple of different types may fit your vehicle.

For this reason, it’s critical that you familiarize yourself with today’s various battery types and which ones may be the best choice for you.

Here’s a rundown on today’s most common types of batteries and how they can help you to maximize your vehicle’s performance.

Let’s get started (so to speak)!

Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery

This type of battery, also called a VRLA battery, is known as a sealed battery. In other words, you cannot access the compartments of the battery.

The benefit of the VRLA battery is that it is extremely easy to use. That’s because the battery requires no maintenance outside of being charged if it becomes too depleted.

In addition, the battery’s sophisticated valves are designed to keep its electrolytes from shifting to other parts of the battery. The valves furthermore keep electrolytes from spilling.

This type of battery also stands out for being cutting edge it is more difficult to disrupt via upending or jostling compared with older battery designs.

The VRLA battery is typically used by car companies such as Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and BMW.

Dry Cell Battery

A dry cell battery works by using a mesh made of glass to absorb its electrolytes.

The advantage of this type of battery is that it is designed to reduce spilling. It also makes it possible for you to position the battery in the orientation you want, which is helpful for squeezing a large amount of power in a small space.

Like the VRLA battery, dry cell batteries are also maintenance-free. They additionally charge quickly and are relatively inexpensive.

This type of battery is generally ideal for streetcars as well as hot rods, SUVs, and trucks.

Gel Cell Battery

This top-end battery is known for its stability, which helps to keep the electrolytes from spilling.

Specifically, this type of battery can easily be kept stable at every temperature. This means they are consistently efficient in a variety of driving circumstances. This battery also offers the benefit of having a long life cycle.

Nonetheless, these types of batteries don’t perform as well as other batteries do in freezing temperatures. So, they are best to use in warmer climates.

Gel cell batteries can be used in a variety of applications, such as in motorcycles and even electric vehicles.

How We Can Help You to Navigate the Many Types of Car Batteries

We offer a wide range of top-tier automotive services, including battery selection, replacement, and installation.

As part of our battery services, we can inspect your car’s existing battery to determine its health. Then, if we discover that your battery is not up to par, we’ll explain to you the various types of car batteries and replace your battery with one that fits your vehicle.

Get in touch with us to take advantage of our battery installation services and keep your car running like a dream in the months and years ahead.