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5 Reasons Why A Hybrid Repair Needs A Specialized Mechanic

Hybrid cars differ significantly from any standard gas-powered vehicle. Hence, a hybrid repair requires a specialized mechanic who knows how to work an electric motor and the vehicle’s various mechanical and electrical systems.

Since hybrid cars comprise a fraction of the total volume of cars in the United States, few service centers and car repair shops specialize in them. This post discusses several reasons you need to hire a mechanic with expertise in repairing hybrid cars.

Why Hiring a Hybrid Car Expert Mechanic is a Must?

The biggest mistake a hybrid car owner can make is letting someone unfamiliar with this type of vehicle work on it. If the problem is a component that isn’t in most non-hybrid vehicles, then a regular mechanic may be unable to fix it.

Here are several reasons why you need a specialized mechanic if you want your hybrid repair to be done right:

1. They Are Knowledgeable About Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are similar to gas-powered ones. Both need maintenance services such as fluid refills, air filter replacement, and oil changes. However, hybrid cars also have unique systems, such as regenerative brakes and hybrid batteries. It also has an auto-start and stops feature that you won’t see in any non-hybrid vehicle.

Thus, hiring a mechanic who knows about these subtle differences is crucial. Someone knowledgeable about hybrid cars can easily spot the problem and give an accurate diagnosis. Furthermore, they can recommend the best solutions to fix the car problem.

2. A Hybrid Repair Mechanic Has the Right Equipment

Because hybrid cars have several components you won’t find in a regular car, fixing them requires different tools and equipment. A mechanic specializing in repairing hybrid cars is well-equipped with diagnostic and repair tools. A diagnostic scanner is one of the unique tools necessary when fixing a hybrid car. Plugging into your onboard computer can detect problems with your battery pack and electric motor.

3. They Know Where to Get Spare Parts

One of the most challenging issues when repairing a hybrid car is getting spare parts. Since hybrid cars are fewer than gas-powered cars, there’s often a limited supply of spare parts in the market. Moreover, many car manufacturers have stopped producing spare parts for earlier generations of their hybrid car models.

If your hybrid car has a component that needs replacement, you need to take it to a service center or repair shop that can get you that crucial spare part.

4. It Can Save You Time and Money

Most households in America own at least two cars. However, if one stops functioning, it can significantly impact the family. Hence, getting their car repaired in the shortest amount of time is essential to most customers.

Hiring a competent mechanic with hybrid repair expertise can save you time and money since they know what they are doing. They also have the resources and expertise to address issues that a regular mechanic does not have. Overall, hiring a service center that specializes in hybrid cars is your best bet if you want your car back the soonest.

5. They Work Safer

Hybrid engines have higher voltage systems at 100 volts or more than gas-powered engines at about 12 volts. Hence, the mechanic working on hybrid repair must be cautious when working on high-voltage cables and circuits.

Fortunately, a specialized mechanic knows this and is equipped with the proper safety equipment. Certified technicians know their way around a hybrid engine and can disconnect sensitive components without damaging them.

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4 Things You Need To Know About Hybrid Vehicles

1. Hybrid Batteries Are Expensive

Due to the advanced engine technology, many hybrid car models cost more. They also have hybrid batteries, which are larger and more expensive than those found in gas-powered cars. Only an expert mechanic with hybrid repair experience can diagnose and repair this type of battery.

While these batteries last longer and have a manufacturer warranty of 100,000 to 150,000 miles, you need to be extra careful not to damage them. Some batteries cost several thousand dollars depending on the hybrid car model and its availability on the market. For example, it will cost you anywhere between $3.000 to $8,000 to replace a battery pack that exceeds its 80,000 miles warranty.

2. Regenerative Brakes Recharge Your Battery

Regenerative brakes siphon energy whenever the hybrid car stops; it then uses the energy to recharge the battery. Because of this feature, hybrid cars’ brakes usually last longer. However, they are costlier to repair or replace.

Hybrid car batteries also rely on an inverter to process and recharge the battery. Fortunately, some manufacturers of hybrid batteries cover it with a warranty. If your car model has one, take advantage of this arrangement.

3. Hybrid Car’s Electrical Systems Need Regular Calibration

Hybrid cars have complex electrical systems, particularly in their auto-start and shut-down technology. This feature allows for conserving fuel while preserving the life of your battery.

A specialized mechanic must calibrate the electric system regularly, or it can cause severe damage to your starter or transmission. Furthermore, the electric drive motor, transmission, and combustion engine are all linked together. The car will have difficulty running if any of these significant components fail.

4. You Can Perform Basic Maintenance Service to Your Unit

Since most parts and systems of a hybrid car are similar to gas-powered ones, you can do essential maintenance services to it. Some of the regular maintenance you can do include replacing spark plugs, changing fuel filters, and checking fluid levels.

However, don’t try to move any component wrapped in an orange exterior or covering. These parts of the hybrid car can electrify you and are best left to the experts.


A specialized mechanic is best suited to perform a hybrid repair to your unit. Before hiring someone to fix your hybrid car, ensure they have the proper certification.

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