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Don’t Be Afraid of Your Auto Shop!

Many vehicle owners tend to procrastinate when they start thinking about taking their car into an auto shop. They are fearful as to what type of auto repair may be needed on their vehicle. However, their anxiety can be relieved if they know the right questions to ask regarding the auto center’s cost for labor and parts, warranties, and the specific type of work to be done. No one wants a phone call while at work to inform them of an unexpected repair, added costs, and a longer length of time than was first promised.

Here are some tips to put you at ease the next time you visit your auto shop:

  • Questions to ask about the work to be done -–
    1. What is the cost of labor and parts?
    2. Are there warranties or guarantees on just the parts, or is labor included?
    3. How long will the work take and do they offer transportation?
    4. What are the acceptable methods of payment?
    5. Will they contact you before doing any other work that may come up?
  • Take your time while at the auto center – Don’t be in a hurry when dropping off your vehicle. Not only should you ask the questions listed above, but the mechanic should also ask questions of you to obtain diagnostic information and your authorization for the work to be done. If the mechanic is too busy to talk, you may need to find another auto shop.
  • Be available for updates – Give a phone number to the auto shop and then make sure you remain available to discuss any unexpected issues that may arise. You should be apprised of any unexpected problems, a course of action, and the cost before the mechanic proceeds with the work.
  • Understand Policies – Make sure you understand the auto center’s policies for their rates, warranties, method of payment, and approved work. You should have these policies in writing and make sure you understand them before any work is performed.

Remember: Don’t be afraid of your auto shop! The more you understand about the auto repair before the work begins, the more satisfied you will be with the services you receive.

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