What is Automotive Service vs. Automotive Repair?

A conscientious vehicle owner understands the difference between regular automotive service items and unexpected automotive repair. Generally, when a mechanic refers to automotive service, they are referring to the maintenance schedule listed in your owner’s manual. This schedule is intended to take care of the things that will keep your vehicle in tip-top operating condition, such as regular oil changes or tire rotations. When referring to automotive repair, a mechanic generally means work to fix an unexpected problem, ranging from replacing a cracked radiator to rebuilding a transmission.

Because maintenance items are fairly standard on most vehicles, the auto mechanics at most auto repair shops are trained to perform the work. Plus you will find that independent auto shops are typically less expensive than dealerships for the same work.

Unless your vehicle is included in a recall by the manufacturer, you don’t have to go to the dealership where you bought the car to have any work done. It is a Federal law that automotive service can be performed at any auto shop without affecting your warranty coverage. This said, before purchasing an extended warranty check the terms to see what it says about covered service and repairs.

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