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Tips on Taking Care of Brakes.

If you step on the gas and nothing happens, it’s a problem. If you step on the brakes and nothing happens, it’s likely a life-and-death emergency. You obviously don’t want to drive with brake pads that are overdue for replacement. Fortunately, there are things you can do to extend the useful life of your brakes. Plus, you avoid having to listen to unpleasant scraping and screeching sounds coming from your breaks.

  • Slow down. Speeding up takes more energy and your brakes have to work harder, which increases wear and tear on brake pads.
  • Don’t “ride the brakes.” It is easy to slip into the habit of pressing on both the gas pedal and the brakes simultaneously. All it does is waste gas and make your brakes work a lot harder.
  • Coast when you can. Next time you have a long stretch of road ahead where you don’t have to accelerate, try coasting. It takes just a few seconds to cover the distance.
  • Bleed your brakes. Brake fluid wears out after a while. Have it checked and changed (called “bleeding”) periodically.
  • Remove the wheels and check brake pads regularly. This doesn’t extend the life of the pads. What it will do is catch worn out pads before they cause more expensive parts like brake rotors to become damaged.
  • Learn to spot braking situations early. With some practice, you can learn to slow down or coast so that you will not even need the brakes in some situations, such as approaching a stop light.
  • Be realistic. Budget brake pads won’t last as long as a premium brand. At the same time, those top brands won’t last forever. The idea is to save some money and stay safe. It’s not to risk your life on a set of worn-out brake pads.

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