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Squeaky Brakes? Here’s What You Must Know

Isn’t safety your prime concern when driving?

The braking system is a critical safety feature that helps you control the vehicle. Brakes are the first line of safety. Faulty brakes can let you down when you need them most. Therefore it is vital to ensure proper repair and maintenance of the braking system for effective control while driving.

An efficient brake system should not vibrate or make any noise. Squeaky brakes are a common problem. They are irritating and sign of some issues with the braking system.

Here we will discuss the causes of brake squeaking, how to fix it, and ways to maintain a brake system.


  • How brakes work
  • What causes squeaky brakes
    • Worn out brake pads
    • Dust between pads and rotors
    • Moisture
    • Method of applying brakes
    • Metallic Brake pads
    • Lack of lubrication
    • Poor installation
  • Brake repair steps to avoid brake squeaking
    • Replace brake pads and rotors
    • Change the brake hardware
    • Grease to the brake pads
    • Installation of a set of shims
    • Consult professionals
  • Driving tips for maintenance of Brakes
  • Conclusion

How Brakes Work

Have you ever wondered how car brakes work?

Different components in a braking system work together to stop the vehicle in a controlled manner. The main parts include a master cylinder, brake calipers, brake fluid, disks, drums, pads, and shoes. Brake hoses and pipes link these components.

Pushing the brake pedal creates hydraulic pressure. It pressurizes the brake fluid along brake pipes and hoses and activates pistons. The pressurized brake fluid forces the friction material on pads and shoes onto the rotating parts. This friction stops the car.

Disc brakes and drum brakes are the two most common types of brake assembly available.

What Causes Squeaky Brakes

The squeaking sound from your brakes often worries you. It could be a warning sign that needs urgent attention. You need to visit a brake repair shop to fix the problem. Let us see what causes brakes to squeak.

Worn out brake pads

The squeaking noise indicates that the brake pads are starting to wear out. When the brake pads wear down, the metal pad within the brake pads comes out. Metal pads scratch the rotor when you press the brake and make a squeaking sound. So, squealing is a warning signal to change the brake pads before they wear out completely. Worn-out brake pads can also damage the rotor.

Dust between pads and rotors

The deposition of dust or debris on the surface of your pads or rotors is another cause of squeaky brakes. It happens due to a few driving conditions or when the car is idle for a long time. Simple cleaning with a spray or sanding the surface will resolve the problem.


Squeaky noise in the morning could occur due to exposure to overnight moisture, rain, or humidity. The humidity on brake pads forms a thin layer of rust on the rotors. It causes a grinding sound when you apply your brakes. This rust can go away with driving.

Method of applying brakes

Repeated and fast braking or driving downhill can form a hard glaze on the surface of brake pads. Due to this, brake pads fail to generate the required amount of friction to stop the vehicle.

Metallic brake pads

Sometimes metallic brake pads may cause squeaky brakes. When these pads rub against the motor, it may cause grinding or squealing. You can use ceramic brake pads instead.

Lack of lubrication on drum brakes

Lack of lubrication at contact points in drum brakes can also cause squealing. There should be enough lubrication between the shoes and the drum. If there is insufficient lubrication, the shoes scrap against the braking plate. It results in squealing.

Poor installation

Improper installation may lead to squeaky brakes and also damage the braking system. The calipers enclose pistons and pads and produce friction to slow down wheels. Poor lubrication of calipers may result in sticking, thus ending up with squeaky brakes.

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Brake Repair Steps to Avoid Brake Squealing

The sound of brakes squeaking is the most irritating. A trustworthy mechanic should fix the brake issue immediately.

We have seen various factors that can cause your brakes to squeak. There are several steps that you can take to avoid brake squeaking problems. Some of the most common ways are as follows:

Replace the brake pads and rotors

Change the brake pads that have become glazed or worn out. You can also replace the rotors, or you may machine and resurface them.

Replace the brake components

You may also change brake hardware when you change brake pads. Hardware includes pad clips, pin boots, and cleaning slide pins. Choose quality brake pads. They often come with hardware.

Grease the Brake Pads

Sometimes even new brakes can squeak. Greasing the contact points can resolve brake squealing.

Installation of a set of shims

Sometimes the shims may fit out of the box. Install brake pad shims. They provide extra resistance and prevent brake noise.

Consult the professionals

The above maintenance tips should fix the issue of squeaky brakes. You must take care of brake maintenance. If you still fail to solve the problem of squeaky brakes, approach a brake shop nearby and consult a professional mechanic.

Driving Tips for maintenance of Brakes

The following good driving habits can help you to extend the life of your brakes:

Plan and slow down

Slow down the vehicle well before you approach the stop. It will help you avoid stomping on brakes to cut wear and tear on brakes.

Use the correct braking technique when driving down

Use lower gears when heading downhill. Apply brakes when the vehicle accelerates to control the speed. This way the engine will also help to control the speed.

Cut the use of brakes

You should avoid using brakes when they are not needed. Driving at a safe speed will reduce the use of brakes.

Don’t ride brakes

Keeping one foot on the brake pedal at most times produces excessive heat. It causes premature wear and tear of brake pads and other components.

Don’t bang the brakes

Driving in a hurry may force you to slam on the brakes to stop. It causes undue stress on brake system components. It is better to avoid extreme acceleration and braking to save brakes.


A Brake system is crucial for safe driving. It needs timely service to take care of regular wear and tear. The above information is an attempt to guide you to take care of this critical safety system. Contact for assistance! We’d love to help you.

Drive smart and avoid brakes squeaking and extend the life of your brakes.