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How Important are Regular Oil Changes for your Vehicle?

Regularly changing oil is essential to proper vehicle maintenance and the prevention of more costly vehicle repairs. Over time, heat generated by the engine wears down the properties of oil, such as lubrication and cooling, which can lead to engine problems. Adequate lubrication prevents friction or the rubbing together of engine parts, that can eventually lead to more costly engine repairs. An oil change performed by certified technicians ensures that customers benefit from quality service to keep their vehicle performing at its best.

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Experts in automobile maintenance suggest that oil changes are done in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. The maximum amount of miles that a vehicle can be driven before needing to change the oil varies among manufacturers. However, it is always recommended to have the change completed at or before the maximum mileage is reached. Customers concerned with how to afford regular oil changes can often find oil change coupons that can help with the cost. These coupons may offer a certain dollar or percentage discount for having an oil change completed.

By properly and consistently maintaining a vehicle, drivers are likely to save money on larger and more complicated vehicle repairs. Depending on individual driving conditions and handling, factory trained technicians at a local automobile repair shop may recommend more frequent oil changes or using special types of oil to improve performance. In addition to saving with oil change coupons, vehicle owners will also find that regularly changing oil helps to maximize gas mileage, thereby reducing the overall cost of gas. Contact your local auto repair shop today to schedule an oil change and save with oil change coupons. Our Professional Auto Technicians is proudly serving all the vehicle owners in Ventura, CA and other surrounding areas.