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How Often Should You Get Your Car Serviced?

This is a question that many drivers often wonder about. If you can’t remember the last visit to your auto shop for some type of car repair or maintenance, it may be time to schedule a visit. Some drivers think they can save money by extending the time between maintenance service intervals. Unfortunately, this may only result in costing more money in the long run as the potential cost of car repair would be even more than the service itself.

Neglecting regular car service could lead to several problems, such as:

  • Your vehicle starts to use more fuel.
  • You notice a loss of power when accelerating, going up a hill, or trying to overtake a slower vehicle.
  • The air quality inside your vehicle seems to be disintegrating.
  • Your engine starts to knock, clatter, or roar due to oil sludge build-up

So if you’re wondering how often should you get your car serviced, find your owner’s manual in the back of the glove box and read through the maintenance schedule listed there. Following that schedule will help ensure that you are driving as safe as possible.

There are some types of damage that could be occurring inside the engine that you don’t notice. For example, you could drive with low or dirty oil for an extended period of time. But eventually, damage to the head gasket or pistons will cause your engine to fail. This type of car repair could cost a small fortune, not to mention days or weeks of waiting for your car to get fixed! For just a relatively small expense, regular oil changes would have prevented the damage in the first place.

The safest thing to do is don’t wait for the service warning lights to come on before you think about taking care of maintenance items. For a safe and reliable vehicle, it is important to know when to schedule a check-up with your auto shop.

So how often should you get your car serviced? Contact our ASE Certified technicians at Dependable Car Care for more information about our car repair services and to schedule an appointment. Our auto shop proudly serves residents in the community of Ventura, CA, and the surrounding area.