How Important is Tire Rotation?

Do you know what part of your vehicle is the only part that comes in contact with the road? That’s right—tires! Many vehicle owners often don’t think about their tires until they experience problems, which later may become an expensive cost. This is why auto shops promote a tire service schedule as part of their preventative vehicle maintenance checklist. Periodic tire repair, which includes tire rotation, is highly recommended by auto repair professionals and automobile manufacturers.

Here is why Tire Rotation is important:

  1. Tread wears evenly – Generally, front tires wear out faster than the rear because they perform differently than rear tires. Rotating your tires periodically helps the tread to wear evenly as a tire goes from a high-wearing position to a low-wearing position.
  2. Keeps tire warranties valid — Most tire manufacturers offer warranties which may include free rotation services at specified periods of time or mileage. 
  3. Helps maintain handling –  Rotating tires spread out the wear on the tread more evenly, helping maintain traction on slick road surfaces, crucial for braking.
  4. Save money — Periodic tire rotation helps save drivers money by extending the lifespan of their tires.

Tips to Remember: Most manufacturers recommend rotating your car tires about every 5,000 miles (or at every other oil change). Develop a tire service schedule to maintain your car tires and you will have more confidence in the safety of your vehicle when you head down the road.

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