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4 Ways to Avoid a Dead Car Battery in Cold Weather

Did you know that the automotive battery market is expected to grow by 6.5% by 2024? Cold weather is so harsh on car batteries, the market grows most during the winter. If you don’t want to run into issues with your battery this winter, there are a few things you can do.

Read on to learn about four ways to avoid some common cold-weather car battery problems.

1. Know the Lifespan of Your Battery

Cold weather on a car battery can be life-ending. Knowing how long your battery can last is a great way to avoid it dying. Even when a car battery can last years, it is still smart to get it checked when winter rolls around.

Generally, a car battery can last anywhere from five to ten years. However, if your car still has the same battery it came with, you should consider a new one for the winter.

Keep in mind that a larger battery does not mean it will last longer or provide better performance at any time, especially during colder weather. Before getting a car battery replacement, check your car’s manual. It will tell you the battery that is most compatible with your car.

2. Check For Corrosion

Knowing what drains a car battery will help you during the winter. If your battery is damaged, battery acid can leak and corrode the areas around it. This corrosion can also prevent your car from cranking.

You can watch for corrosion by frequently checking your car battery. A car battery can die in cold weather if corrosion is not cleaned off. If the problem is too severe to simply clean it off, you need to get a replacement battery.

3. Buy a Battery Blanket

Why do batteries go dead in cold weather? Because they are not warm enough, along with other factors. However, purchasing a battery blanket can provide more heat.

The additional heat prevents fluid from freezing. Another way to keep your car battery heated is by mounting a trickle charge on the battery. This will give it power even when the car is not being used and can keep it from dying.

4. Minimize Technological Accessories

If you tend to have a lot of technological accessories in your car, you should consider taking them out during the winter. When other items are using your car’s energy, the power produced by the alternator can slow the battery charging process or prevent it from charging altogether.

If you can’t live without technological accessories in your car, keep them to a minimum. Cold weather causes enough problems are without all of the added problems that accessories can create.

It is also recommended to keep your battery disconnected when your car is stored in the garage. Disconnecting the battery when your car is not used can protect it during the winter.

Avoid Cold Weather Car Battery Problems

Not driving during the cold season is not a practical option for most people. However, it is still important to keep your battery as protected as possible. Using this guide, avoiding cold weather car battery problems should be easy.

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