Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

Why is Preventative Car Maintenance Important for your Vehicle?

The way that most people approach their vehicle maintenance is fundamentally wrong. Although a lot of people will get their oil changed and will go to the shop when they find out that something is wrong with their car, they do not seem to care too much about preventative automotive repair. This is sort of like showing up at the doctor’s office every time something goes wrong but doing nothing to help your body in the first place to avoid the visit. Car maintenance is essentially the process of preventing smaller problems from developing into larger problems. This can easily be achieved by taking your vehicle to a local auto shop and letting them take a look at the car in its entirety, in order to determine if there is anything that is wrong and needs to be fixed, or if there are developing problems that could blow up into something bigger later. Cars will usually show small signs of developing problems, which can usually be fixed by making a minor adjustment, but the reality is that a huge portion of people will miss these signs, due to the fact that they do not even think about car maintenance in the first place.

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A ton of people thinks that taking their car into the shop when there actually is not a problem with the car is foolish, or they think that their money is better spent somewhere else. Those people are going to be in for a rude awakening when they have to shell out a large sum of money to fix their car, when they likely could have prevented the problem with a fairly cheap visit to the local auto repair shop near Ventura, CA, who would have done a full and thorough check of the car and then performed any necessary vehicle maintenance.

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Secured Drop Box - drop off your car anytime.

We have a secure drop box that you can drop off your car any time before hours or after hours. Just drops in the secure drop box and when we're done with your vehicle and we performed the repairs, we'll lock your key in the drop box here and then at your convenience, you can come pick up your car, be secure and ready to go.

Three Year / 36,000 miles Warranty

We offer a two year 24,000 mile nationwide warranty that covers you on any repairs done here at Dependable Car Care. You've also got roadside assistance and towing available to you with the same warranty. In addition to that here locally, I add another 12 months and 12,000 miles to it to give you a total of three years and 36,000 miles of worry free driving after your repairs.

Courtesy Inspection

Every vehicle that comes in gets a complete courtesy inspection and we do it in a digital function where our technicians have tablets where they can actually take pictures of your vehicle specifics and that information gets transferred right here, the counter for the service advisor to see your inspection and it better helps him to make the proper recommendations for the repairs.

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